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The Hound - THE STORY IS CRUCIAL [Monster in the Closet Skin Contest]

The Hound - THE STORY IS CRUCIAL  [Monster in the Closet Skin Contest] Minecraft Skin

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avatar Vogsid
Level 63 : High Grandmaster Pixel Painter
I don't like the concept of skin+story but as they're focusing on that in this competition the story of my character is crucial.

The Hound was a human being. Since he was a child he was forced to live with the wild dogs of Rytchnor. The dogs of the city took care of him and eventually the features of the boy started to change, over time his face became the same as a dogs and his feet the same. His skin remained human-like. His vocal cords adapted to the dogs barking and now he can no longer talk. As he previously was a human his brain was generally better than the dogs (obviously). When growing up he noticed the injustice of the animals in the city. He wanted equality and started fighting for it. The citizens of the city considered him a monster as he was no longer a human but not a dog either. The Hound was the name the media gave him. He wore rough clothes and a collar with the chain broken off to symbolize his purpose. He trained his dogs to bite off chains and collars so that during the night they can release as many as they could. The Hound attacks any human who stands in his way, his sharp teeth, fast dog-like paws and the dexterity of a humans hand he can easily win a battle, even alone against 10 persons or more.

*No superhero-like character has been made for this character, if you're interested to make one for this, please notify me, I would love to check it out. :)

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Update #1 : 08/12/2012 4:45:34 pmAug 12th, 2012

Fixed mistakes on the skin.

08/17/2012 6:17 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Hmm... a dog. I wonder where is this from... :P
08/17/2012 2:27 pm
Level 63 : High Grandmaster Pixel Painter
Read the story.
08/12/2012 7:46 pm
Level 26 : Expert Dragonborn
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