The lord of darkness . (Late) Secret Santa gift Minecraft Skin
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The lord of darkness . (Late) Secret Santa gift

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FireBellFairy's Avatar FireBellFairy
Level 49 : Master Nerd
OC (Secret Santa gift) for Xaphanx!

Hope you like him. Sorry for the long wait!

(The ends of his horns are some sort of decorative metal cuff, allowing him to hang ornamental jewellery off of them without damaging his horns.)

Character Biography

Name: Keillor Myron Donahue Hadrian

Nickname: Keir, Myro.

Age: 14,023 (Fourteen thousand and twenty-three)

Appearance Age: Early to mid-20s.

Birthdate: (Feel free to add your own fantasy or real year depending on the story/roleplay he's used in/what world he's in :) ), November 18th.

Race: He was once human, but was/is corrupt(ed) from 'dark magic'; he's now a demon.

Personality traits: Mysterious, Charismatic, Intelligent, Sly, Fawning.

Occupation: Dark Druidry; making potions (not exactly deadly ones, but ones that could be used in a manipulative manner in order to get money or something of value), illusion spells (same sort of thing as the potions, but spell form), etc.

Likes: Potions, Magic, ancient spell books, working for people (and getting money) of high order (such as royalty), jewellery (specifically rings, small pendants and ornamental jewellery to hang on his horns.

Dislikes: Failed spells and/or potions, annoying merchants, travelling long distances.

Fears: Losing his younger sister (Melivie Hadrian) to evil.

Short story/backstory:

He's been, - for his entire life since the age of 23, - in hiding because a certain royal family after he deceived them...tricked them into giving him a powerful artifact which lead to his corruption.

His appearance has stayed roughly the same for 14,000 years, but he's gotten much more intelligent over time. His sister, Melivie Hadrian is still alive due to Keillor using a certain type of magic + spell - she does not appear to be corrupted like him due to the spell that was used on her.

A third eye (hard to explain, it's not actually an eye but more of an illusion; though, he can still see through it when he wants to) has appeared on his forehead over a long time due to corruption. He also has horns that grew slowly over time...they're similar to ram horns, but aren't really the same seeing as he was originally human.

my attempt at rings failed lol
CreditXaphanx's mood board (for colour inspiration :) )

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12/30/2019 2:59 pm
Level 43 : Master Witch
Xaphanx's Avatar
TTwTT I love him <3 He's so perfect, I can't wait to draw him and make him an even more well rounded OC <3 thank you so much!
12/30/2019 3:02 pm
Level 49 : Master Nerd
FireBellFairy's Avatar
I'm so glad you like him!! Make all the changes ya want!

Thanks for being so darn patient and nice through this process :)
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