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Thunderbirds 2015 - Scott Tracy

Thunderbirds 2015 - Scott Tracy Minecraft Skin
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avatar EightBits_
Level 43 : Master Pony

From a secret island in the South Pacific,the courageous Tracy family runan organisation called International Rescue. When disaster strikes anywhere in the world, they are always first on the scene.

They go by the name they gave their incredible machines.

The Thunderbirds.

This amazing TV show made up a huge part of my childhood, and in light of the new series being planned to release in 2015, I took it upon myself to make some costume changes. Based on redesigns you can findhere, these are outfits designed for a modern Thunderbirds show, with an appropriate color scheme that pays homage to the original TV series that rocked the '60s.

Thunderbird 1 - Scott Tracy


Thunderbird 2 - Virgil Tracy

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Thunderbird 4 - GordonTracy
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Thunderbird 5 - JohnTracy
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FormatUniversal 64x32
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