(2022 update) I don't pick fights I can't win. Minecraft Skin
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(2022 update) I don't pick fights I can't win.

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n00tlies's Avatar n00tlies
Level 23 : Expert Blockhead
woah okay another fire emblem skin because ye :>
this time this skin is of ephraim from The Sacred Stones as a sacred twin lord
This skin was requested by magichero12, and boooy, did I have a fun time making it (i'm not being sarcastic, btw)
I really love this color scheme, shame it can't be shown in its full glory in 2D (it looks so much better in 3D!)

but I hope you like it! Again, I loved making this skin so much and his design in fire emblem heroes is *chef's kiss*

If you ever need a palette change, let me know! It's a very simple fix

old versions from like 2018 since PMC won't let me use images in update logs apparently
(2022 update) I don't pick fights I can't win. Minecraft Skin (2022 update) I don't pick fights I can't win. Minecraft Skin

Enjoy, or don't enjoy, whichever suits you. Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated!
Programs/ Websites Used: Krita for making the skin, Novaskin to preview PMCSkin3D
PMC skin rules apply.

1 Update Logs

Update #1 : by n00tlies 12/14/2022 12:58:22 pmDec 14th, 2022

UPDATE 2022: updated the skin to fit my current skin-making style(?) for funsies, so i wouldn't expect any more updates in the near future. i'm not 100% happy with the skin i made, but golly, it's definitely a step-up from the old version, and i actually like the colors a bit more now :) i'd call this a win in my book

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09/18/2018 3:12 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
Diler's Avatar
can you make a female Corrin skin pleease? either standard or summer Corrin would be perfect :)
09/17/2018 3:24 pm
Level 39 : Artisan Ranger
MasterOfSpasms's Avatar
When Veronica wins so hard she loses. Nice visualization of Brave Ephriam!
09/17/2018 8:48 pm
Level 23 : Expert Blockhead
n00tlies's Avatar
oh lol, that's true :')
Thank so much!
09/01/2018 5:02 pm
Level 17 : Journeyman Pokemon
Relic_Song's Avatar

FE Skins are my addiction... I love it!

Mia when

09/01/2018 6:53 pm
Level 23 : Expert Blockhead
n00tlies's Avatar
FE skins are noice :')
ahh tysm!
a skin for mia will come in due time :')
08/31/2018 4:02 pm
Level 4 : Apprentice Mage
magichero12's Avatar
Ephraim: Sacred Twin Lord! Breaker of the metagame, and wielder of Grado's sacred Garm! It looks incredible!!!
08/31/2018 5:48 pm
Level 23 : Expert Blockhead
n00tlies's Avatar
Haha! Yeah!
thanks so much! i'm glad you like it! :>

honestly tho the dress really nice :')
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