TV Head hoodie & Overalls (OC) Minecraft Skin
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TV Head hoodie & Overalls (OC)

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GirlinTheBrownHoodie's Avatar GirlinTheBrownHoodie
Level 16 : Journeyman Crafter
This is my Minesona. feel free to use the skin but please, DO NOT CLAIM AS YOUR OWN I worked hard on this skin and especially on this character so please if you post it elsewhere (Which honestly I'd prefer you didn't) CREDIT ME!!


Name: Dex
Nickname(s): Pumpkin, static face, and XxTVHeadxX(Player name)
Pronouns: He/Him
Hobbies: Exploring, Farming, and art
-Pumpkin pie
-The color orange
-Picasso (don't ask)

Backstory: Dex and his Enderman companion (not featured here) are a mystery to even themselves (Dex doesn't even know his real name!) all that is clear is that they are stuck together for as long as time will tell. The Enderman being attached to Dex (Thats right attached) seems to hold more knowledge about their shared predicament than Dex does. They both still don't have a clue how they came to be. Dex gave them (the Enderman) the name Clem due to the orange eyes.

If you want to understand Dex and Clem a bit better here's a link to his character sheet on Tumblr.^^

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