Ultraman Orb Thunder Miracle (Ultraman Dyna Miracle + Ultraman Belial) Minecraft Skin
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Ultraman Orb Thunder Miracle (Ultraman Dyna Miracle + Ultraman Belial)

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One time we had a small test. it was storming so suddenly a Thunder came. We Stop the test. It Was a Thunder Miracle!!

Before you guys gonna start saying "Gunbir, i thought you said you're going to do Evil,Out of Japan & last shortly Ultra Crusader. Why are you doing Orb? even if he does last more shorter then others, he's still a main Ultra"......first of all,this is a game exclusive! it wont be shown that much! secondly, Orb to me....still count as 'Last Shortly'. and There is a new form Already?! when will i ever do the UMAPOE Project!!!!

Thunder Miracle is a fusion type Ultra Crusader,that is Ultraman Dyna Miracle & Ultraman Belial (and a pinch of Orb) and also a game exclusive, so i don't think it will appear in the series. He got the name from Tiga's Miracle type and Belial's Geno Thunder. (i doubt there is more info then that! and i don't think the game even possible for me to check on it!)

The Skin- another muscular dude! first i have to keeps Belial's arm! Thunder Breaster's shoulder, Belial's back,Front, Leg and just add a few line & color. Then his head is an everyday Orb head..........................AHHHHH!!!

(While Doing this Work...i was thinking..) Fan Fic!!

*: Hundreds of Mobs are attacking the Village and Steve, Thunder Miracle & Specium Zeperium are defending it
Steve: oh God! It's Over! There's too many of them!!

Spe-Zep: is this...The End...of...Orb?!

Thu-Mir: Hmmm... i have an idea!

*: Thunder Miracle jump really high and slam down to the ground, causing a shock wave and turning Creepers into the charge one. Suddenly the Creepers start to explode and killing every Mobs around them
Steve: Wow! That was Amazing!! i thought we're Done! It's like Lighting came to save us!

Thu-Mir: well, i guess you could it say it was a "Thunder Miracle" *smirk*

Spe:Zep: For Noa Sake!!

Ultraman Orb Thunder Miracle (Ultraman Dyna Miracle + Ultraman Belial) Minecraft Skin
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09/29/2016 8:45 pm
Level 52 : Grandmaster Skinner
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Are You Kidding me?! I messed up the eye?!!
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