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Zombie Girl

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Limee's Avatar Limee
Level 19 : Journeyman Skinner
A zombie girl! Totally original- and unique! Looking for the perfect zombie girl skin, but all you can find are male skins? Well, your search is over! I've created a cute zombie girl skin that has the same zombie effect a default zombie skin does, except modified to be a female. I tried to make her skin to make her seem like one of the undead, and her hair to help give her a cute look.

You can see that her shorts, shirt, and even her bow match a zombie's look! I hope this skin is right for you, and I hope I made it to your liking. Remember, I make skins; have an idea? Want me to try and make one for you? Or just want to put my skills to the test? No matter what, you can always comment and suggest a skin idea for me!

OBVIOUS WARNING: Female zombie skin will not make the zombie's leave you alone. If anything, they will be even more attracted to you, so do NOT try to sue me because you tried to blend in with them. ^.^
CreditInspired by "Zombie Girl :D (Mob Series!) skin made by WinterCoffee

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