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[32x] Random's DefaultPro Texture Pack 1.6.2

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Randomness6894's Avatar Randomness6894
Level 47 : Master Nether Knight

What Is DefaultPro?

DefaultPro is a texture pack that focuses on making minecraft more appealing to the eye and the general look of the game. The default minecraft textures have been modified but now uses 32x32, instead of 16x16. Some texture changed a lot and some very little. However, sometimes even the little things make a big difference. DefaultPro is based on default and aims to keep it similar to default but giving a nicer look to the game. If you want anything changed or added, please ask in a comment. DefaultPro [32x] is based only off DefaultPro [16x] at twice it's orignal size. None of the textures are from Faithful by Vattic.

How You Can Help.

Some textures from Coteriecraft/ Quandary like Wool and WoodenDoors are used. Every block was 'improved'/'edited' in some way. If you have any suggestion or textures you want changed please leave a Comment Below. If you want anything changed or made like, for example, make a gold helmet into a Crown. Still quite a bit to finish off and get started on. I update frequently, so check back often. Comments and Diamonds are very appreciated =D. Also telling your friends about this pack and, if you really like it, giving it a favorite helps a lot Thanks.

How To Install

1. Download it
2. Copy and paste into the Minecraft Texture Pack folder (In-game:Menu>Options>Texture Packs> Open Folder)
3. Done, Now select it to use it.

Credits and Servers

Coteriecraft Texture Pack: all time favourite pack. Inspiration and some textures

Quandary Texture Pack: One of my favorite packs. Some textures and also an inspiration
Instant Shading: KefKa's fantasic instant shading tutorial, Used for Armour.

Darthcraft.net: An Amazing server with a great community and good admins. Excellent server, but strict, with a nice community of people, awesome plugins and well set up. I highly recommend you come on and try Darthcraft out.


Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

If used to construct in other texture packs.
You may use some of the textures in your pack if credit is given and conditions are followed.
Conditions are:
1.Give credit it for the textures used (optional)
2.Put a link to this pack that is noticable in the description(similar to what I have done with Coteriecraft)
3.Contact me via PM first to ask.

Additional Notes

This Pack only has textures from Default [16x] at twice the size, and then edited and change to have more details.
Constructive criticism, request(change/add texture ) and compliments to the pack are appreciated. Download it and take a look for yourself, it may become your new favourite pack.
Progress95% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.6.2

25 Update Logs

Update #25 : by Randomness6894 08/14/2013 2:14:21 amAug 14th, 2013

Updated to 1.6.2

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01/24/2014 11:30 pm
Level 37 : Artisan Cake
HAWKFIRE44's Avatar
Looks awesome :D Diamond for you! Btw im working on coterie 32x again :)
01/20/2014 1:12 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
lukalukica20's Avatar
12/30/2013 12:36 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
alejo0605's Avatar
Update to 1.7.4! Loved your work for a while now
08/24/2013 10:44 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Skateboard_Dude's Avatar
You sir, are awesome. I love this texture pack, it is different than Faithful, but still brilliant! Diamond for you!
08/25/2013 7:50 pm
Level 47 : Master Nether Knight
Randomness6894's Avatar
Wow thanks so much :D
06/28/2013 10:04 am
Level 1 : New Miner
SigurdOrg's Avatar
Hi there... the 1.6 is coming up.
I hope you will continue this amazing texture pack into the era of horses and carpets. :)
32x is the one I would welcome first.
08/14/2013 5:05 am
Level 47 : Master Nether Knight
Randomness6894's Avatar
Jesus I am so sorry this took so long. I have been fairly busy this summer and I seemed to just keep putting it off. It is updated now, I think.
08/19/2013 5:18 am
Level 1 : New Miner
SigurdOrg's Avatar
Awesomeness :)
06/03/2013 9:57 am
Level 74 : Legendary Creeper Hugger
mysteryman3546's Avatar
The buttons look very unfitting to the texture pack. Everything else is awesome.
06/03/2013 10:50 am
Level 47 : Master Nether Knight
Randomness6894's Avatar
hmm, I can't really tweak the buttons, because they use the planks and stone textures. Pressure plates do too. Fences also use the texture of the planks. Sorry about that, I can't change the texture of the buttons.
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