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88Craft - 8x8, MC 1.17.1

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Jobko's Avatar Jobko
Level 38 : Artisan Skinner
88Craft - 8x8, MC 1.17.1 Minecraft Texture Pack

8x8 texture pack - originally made in 8 hours!
Raises FPS! (smaller textures=less to process) - Looks great despite the low pixel count! - 1.17.1 - Updates coming!

Back in the days of BETA Minecraft there was a 16bit texture pack made in 6 hours. Back then that was around 170 or so 'blocks' to texture (block textures, not the in game place-able blocks), while now the 'block' file has up to 654! Skipping the barely used blocks (glazed terracotta, command blocks etc.) and a lot of the animated blocks (fire, water, lava), I manage to make exactly 462 block textures in 8 hours! While that may not seem like a lot compared to the total sum, as you can see from the screenshots, it is a majority of the blocks.*
*Most 'complete' texture packs only bother to do around 500 of the 654 textures in the blocks file.

Main 'Blocks' I Still Need to Do:
Command, glazed terracotta, stonecutters saw, quartz blocks, shulker boxes, magma, glowstone, repeater, comparator, and the animated blocks.

Support Me

Support me by downloading this texture pack and giving it a try; make sure to subscribe for future updates and for other projects I have in store. This keeps me pumped to continue, as I am not only making this texture pack for myself, but the whole community!
Progress75% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.15

11 Update Logs

Update #8.1 : by Jobko 11/21/2021 9:27:17 amNov 21st, 2021

acacia planks
birch planks
dark oak planks
grass block side
grass block top
jungle planks
oak planks
spruce planks
tall grass

Variants Added:
4 variants to acacia, birch, dark oak, jungle, oak, and spruce planks - 24 wood plank variants total
3 variants to grass_block_top

Changed Colours:
Grass - closer to vanilla MC

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05/22/2020 10:28 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Lullunaa's Avatar
04/30/2020 3:58 am
Level 32 : Artisan Skinner
Nethrod's Avatar
I've been here 23 days ago and at this texture pack was 2 diamonds. Now you have 17 diamonds. You are amazing! How you do this?
04/30/2020 5:34 am
Level 38 : Artisan Skinner
Jobko's Avatar
Haha, thanks. I didn't do anything really. Just kept updating, focused on quality over quantity, and tried to make the advertising/pictures high quality. I am thankful that the community likes it so much.

As for the specifics: I used Photoshop, and I have been using it since highschool + I have always had a natural ability when it comes to artistic things. I still got a long way to go with my skill, and this is merely just the start of what I have planned. I have other texture packs in the works so maybe a couple of months from now you will see them aswell!

Thanks again for the support :)
04/27/2020 5:15 pm
Level 60 : High Grandmaster Sus
iloveflareon's Avatar
Those Icons are Amazing :)
04/27/2020 5:25 pm
Level 38 : Artisan Skinner
Jobko's Avatar
You're amazing :)
04/26/2020 11:11 pm
Level 15 : Journeyman Carrot
Raineyd's Avatar
Don't know without the shaders, but it looks cool for a 8*8 pack.
04/26/2020 11:57 pm
Level 38 : Artisan Skinner
Jobko's Avatar
The last 2 screenshots before the "Update Coming" picture is without shaders. Give it a try - I personally don't mind it either way, and it doesn't use normal mapping, so besides shadows and lighting there isn't anything changing with shaders on.
04/27/2020 8:34 am
Level 15 : Journeyman Carrot
Raineyd's Avatar
Honestly, I don't really need a 8*8 texture pack, except for performance reasons :) (and I don't know if the gain is sufficient for a such reason).

Howether, from what I can see, it really looks like the vanilla minecraft, that is not easy to do for a 8*8 texture pack (I mean for a texture pack looking like vanilla, and for a minimum of precision).

And for the shaders, it's just a remark I make for myself when I don't make it for the others. Cause some computers, whose mine, don't support these things. And otherwise, it sometimes distorts the look, making beautiful some textures that are just... okay (due to light, water effects, shadow effects, etc). It's not a reason for not using them, but personnally, I like when we have at least one or two screenshots without them (what you did, and that I hadn't actually noticed) :).
04/27/2020 4:38 pm
Level 38 : Artisan Skinner
Jobko's Avatar
Yeah I've really tried to push the limits compared to what I've seen from other 8x8 texture packs. Usually people just give up with detail and try to make it look simplified, which is fine in its own regards, but we already have enough texture packs achieving that same result. Since it was originally created in 8 hours I've had to go back and redo a lot of textures that had no "texture" to them. Flora was the main problem in that regard, and trying to be pixel perfect to trick the brain into seeing "texture" is a mission in of its own.

My plan with it is to make a trade off that doesn't feel like a trade off. If people want frames, but also want a good looking game, I am trying to see if I can fill in that niche. Sure it is subjective to whether people actually like my artistic direction, but I can only do my best.

I am glad you like it - subscribe to keep updated as I still got a long way to go with it. I will make sure for the next update to get in some extra images to please people that cannot run shaders.
04/27/2020 8:36 pm
Level 15 : Journeyman Carrot
Raineyd's Avatar
I give it a test in a real Minecraft world, and I will give you my "very personal opinion" (meaning by that, that it could not be at all the same of others persons).

First, with the colouring.I will resume my opinion in an enumeration : for me, the blocks are 1)too dark, 2)too contrasted, 3) could be a little smoothed. This is my own vision of the thing, of course very influenced by the vanilla appearance of the game.

Second, with each group of blocks :
#Grass... is dark. Doesn't look for each biome, but if adapted for the swamps. It's a little stranger for the plains. And for example, the brute transition between sand (beach or desert) and grass (plains or other) is a little harsh.
#Rocks are fine even if, personally, I would have keep a whiter diorite making it not only a lighter version of andesite. But cobblestone and brickstone are a little too black and dark for me. And I have personally a preference for the most ordered and classical texture for bricks.
#Wood planks have good colors, even if it could be smoothed in my opinion. Don't know what to say for logs. Cause it's pretty disturbing to build... with 8*8 logs, except that birch log is very black and white.
#Sand and derived blocks are cool. Ore blocks are too. Ice and snow too. Netherack is cool, but could be smoothed. Etc.

Third, for the bugs I found :
#Cactus is very light and have no colors on its sides.
#Redstone doesn't connect correctly
#Also, some blocks like soulstone and gravel in the Nether have apparently no colors.

Four : suggestions.
Why not add connected textures (for wool for example) and block variants (for pumpkins, dirt, stone, etc).

Anyway, it's a good work and I prefer to repeat that it is just my opinion (for example not having smoothed blocks is a problem when near the blocks , but not when far, and could be mitigate by some effects). And also, what I call blocks too dark is maybe just the effect of the shaders you used, and so you don't have the same perspective (especially with light effects). So, keep up the good work.
04/30/2020 1:08 am
Level 38 : Artisan Skinner
Jobko's Avatar
Your bugs might be due to the version of your game or mods you might be using. They are all fine for me. I'll check out redstone later. Block variants and connected textures are quite time consuming and difficult to do, so until I actually have the texture pack finished, I would prefer to leave those towards the end. I play test all my textures, and if I encounter these bugs, I would of addressed them by now.

I prefer the darkness of colours personally. The sand and grass difference is intentional, as I like the desert to feel like a completely different experience to other biomes. The colours are something you get used to as you play, but I am going to go back for specific textures that I feel like are either too light or too dark, or just don't have the correct look that I was going for.

Smoothing on blocks is something I was going to look into, such as wood having a bigger texture that is more smoothed out, same with netherrack, but atm I cannot just keep redoing textures that I've already finished - I should be focusing on finishing before I make these adjustments.

As for andesite and diorite I referred to images of the real life thing, and compared it to how Minecraft deals with the colours, and made an inbetween of sorts. It really sounds like you prefer the vanilla feeling, which imo, texture packs usually should avoid in order to truly be unique. There are already so many vanilla+ and faithful texture packs out there, and I am simply trying to create something different here. I might make a lighter/de-saturated version of this pack once its done as an alternative, as I can understand that opinion, and it was something I already considered.

Thanks for taking your time to write this!
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