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Anthem Steampunk / Fantasy (Bedrock Edition)

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Bedrock Edition
BigDyeGaming avatar BigDyeGaming
Level 55 : Grandmaster Architect
Steampunk Fantasy Texture Pack

Designed for Bedrock / Windows 10 edition

This pack is free to download.

Will continue to update this pack to include all files, items,
entities, etc.

Follow me on twitter for new Updates: https://twitter.com/BigDyeGaming

Minecraft Marketplace link for people looking to get it on consoles: https://mcmarketplace.net/pdp/7e3f6f93-1592-4250-bb93-fe16de4d7cf1
Be sure to download it from your console or device that you want it on.

What's included with Anthem Steampunk/Fantasy:

32x32 detailed textures
Invisible Item frames

Pack progression will be as time permits in between projects.

Texture update 1.1

Update Anthem version 1.21 Gold nugget, iron nugget, netherite axe, diamond axe, netherite hoe, netherite pickaxe, diamond pickaxe, netherite shovel, diamond shovel, netherite sword, diamond sword, soul sand, banner pattern, twisting vines base, twisting vines bottom, pork chop cooked, and pork chop raw. 6/28/2020

Update Anthem version 1.22 Lever, ancient debris top, ancient debris side, bedrock, chiseled polish black stone, chiseled nether bricks, black stone, black stone top, ender chest front, ender chest side, ender chest top, chain 1, chain 2, flower wither rose, crimson fungus, crimson roots pot and crimson roots. 6/29/2020

Update Anthem version 1.23 Border, build allow, build deny, redstone torch on, redstone torch off, comparator off, comparator on, repeater on, repeater off, flower paeonia, blue orchid, quartz bricks, crying obsidian, crimson nylium side, crimson nylium top, warped nylium side, warped nylium top, warped wart block, lodestone side, lodestone top, crimson planks, stripped crimson stem side, crimson log top, crimson log side, warped stem side, warped planks, stripped warped stem side, stripped warped stem top, crimson door lower, crimson door top, crimson door icon, warped door lower, warped door top, warped door icon, crimson trapdoor, warped trapdoor, flower allium, cracked nether bricks, polished blackstone, polished blackstone bricks and cracked polished blackstone bricks. 6/30/2020

Update Anthem version 1.24 Dropper front horizontal, Dispenser front horizontal, observer back, observer back lit, observer front, observer side, observer, sugar, suspicious stew, tipped arrows icon, sign crimson, sign crimson icon, sign warped, sign warped icon, shears, ruby, saddle icon, rotten flesh and record pig step.

Update Anthem version 1.25 Sea turtle, shield, panda, phantom membrane, prismarine crystal, prismarine shard, pumpkin pie, shulker shell, reeds, rabbit raw, rabbit cooked, and rabbits. 7/10/2020

Update Anthem version 1.26 Bell, bell bottom, bell side, bell top, village bell, quiver, magma, gilded blackstone, elytra, elytra icon, broken elytra, shroom light, and soul soil. 7/13/2020

Update Anthem version 1.27 Chainmail armor, gold armor, turtle 1, turtle helmet, turtle shell piece, turtle egg, dye powder white (old), creeper, creeper armor, chain mail boots, chain mail helmet, chainmail chest plate, chain mail leggings, gold boots, gold helmet, gold chest plate, and gold leggings. 7/14/2020

Update Anthem version 1.28 Iron armor, diamond armor, netherite armor, iron golem, end gateway, end portal, mycelium side, mycelium top, nether sprouts, nether sprouts icon, diamond boots, diamond chest plate, diamond helmet, diamond legging, iron boots, iron chest plate, iron helmet, iron legging, netherite boots, netherite chest plate, netherite helmet, and netherite legging. 7/16/2020 (hotfix iron golem clipping issue)

Update Anthem version 1.29 Mushroom block stem red, mushroom block skin stem, vine, vine carried, mob spawner, flint, flint and steel, and nether gold ore. 7/20/2020

Update version 1.30 Netherite block, polished basalt side, polished basalt top, netherite scrap, fish salmon raw, fish salmon cooked, fish raw, fish cooked, reeds and wet sponge. 7/21/2020

Update version 1.31 Phantom, wandering trader, egg bee, armor stand, armor stand icon, fish clownfish raw, fish pufferfish raw, and chain icon. 7/24/2020

Update version 1.32 Artic fox, fox, enderman, hoglin, flower houstonia, flower lily of the valley, sweet berry bush stage 0, sweet berry bush stage 1, sweet berry bush stage 2, and sweet berry bush stage 3. 7/31/2020

Update Anthem version 1.33 Soul lantern, soul lantern icon, lantern, lantern icon, ravager, envoker and fangs. 8/2/2020

Update Anthem version 1.34 Squid, vindicator, strider, strider saddled, strider suffocated, strider suffocated saddled, sea pickle, and sea pickle icon. 8/4/2020

Update Anthem version 1.35 Tnt bottom, tnt side, tnt top, respawn anchor bottom, respawn anchor top on, respawn anchor top off, respawn anchor side 0, respawn anchor side 1, respawn anchor side 2, respawn anchor side 3, and respawn anchor side 4. 8/7/2020

Update Anthem version 1.36 Piston bottom, piston inner, piston side, piston top normal, piston arm, piston top sticky, piston arm sticky, comparator icon, repeater icon, husk, and zombie. 8/11/2020

Update Anthem version 1.37 Weeping vines base, weeping vines bottom, redstone dust, glass white, and snow golem. 8/18/2020

Update Anthem version 1.38 Double plant fern carried, double plant fern bottom, double plant fern top, fern, and fern carried. 8/23/2020

Update Anthem version 1.39 Flower rose, leaves oak opaque, leaves oak, leaves oak carried, leaves acacia, leaves acacia opaque, and leaves acacia carried. 8/26/2020

Update Anthem version 1.40 Leaves jungle opaque, leaves jungle, leaves jungle carried, cloth1, cloth2, leather1 and leather2. 8/28/2020

Update Anthem version 1.41 Sampling roofed oak, log acacia top, log jungle top, slime, stone slab side and stone slab top. 9/4/2020

Update Anthem version 1.42 Leaves birch opaque, leaves birch, leaves birch carried, portal, portal placeholder, redstone dust line, and redstone dust cross. 9/6/2020

Update Anthem version 1.43 End stone, creeper, ghast, and ghast shooting. 9/10/2020

Update Anthem version 1.44 End crystal icon, ender crystal, enchanting table side, trident icon, trident riptide, trident, stone cutter bottom, stone cutter side, stone cutter top, stone cutter saw, llama, llama brown, llama creamy, llama gray, llama white and spit. 9/12/2020

Update Anthem version 1.45 Decor black, decor brown, decor green, decor lime, decor red, decor orange, decor pink, decor purple, decor white, decor yellow, decor light blue, decor blue, decor gray, decor silver, decor cyan, decor magenta, and trader llama decor. 9/14/2020

Update Anthem version 1.46 Sandstone bottom, sandstone carved, sandstone normal, sandstone smooth, sandstone top, warped roots, and warped roots pot. 9/18/2020

Update Anthem version 1.47 Leaves spruce opaque, leaves spruce, leaves spruce carried, guardian, guardian elder, and guardian beam. 9/20/2020

Update Anthem version 1.48 Coral yellow dead, villager, grindstone pivot, grindstone round, grindstone side, tall grass, and tall grass carried. 9/23/2020

Update Anthem version 1.49 Shulker top undyed, shulker undyed, pig, and pig saddle. 9/25/2020

Update Anthem version 1.50 Mule, donkey, horse black, horse brown, horse chestnut, horse creamy, horse dark brown, horse gray, horse white, horse skeleton, horse zombie, horse markings black dots, horse marking none, horse marking white dots, horse marking white field. 9/28/2020.

Update Anthem 2.1 Started finalizing textures, 38+ textures received color balancing adjustments. Added missing textures from previous updates. New pack icon color and new pack logo. Updated media gallery with new images. 9/29/2020

Update Anthem 2.2 Piglin, Piglin brute, and color correction 11 files. 10/2/2020

Update Anthem 2.21 Vex, vex charging, skeleton, stray, wither skeleton, and stray overlay. 10/6/2020

Update Anthem 2.22 Wither, wither armor blue, wither armor white, wither invulnerable, wolf, wolf angry, wolf tame. 10/9/2020

Update Anthem 2.23 Skulls, creeper, skeleton, wither skeleton, and zombie. 10/14/2020

Update Anthem version 2.24 Leaves big oak, leaves big oak carried, and leaves big oak opaque. 10/21/2020

Update Anthem version 2.25 Hot bar 0, hot bar 1, hot bar 2, hot bar 3, hot bar 4, hot bar 5, hot bar 6, hot bar 7, and hot bar 8. 11/4/2020

Update Anthem version 2.26 Clouds, cubemap_0, cubemap_1, cubemap_2, cubemap_3, cubemap_4, and cubemap_5 11/18/2020

Update Anthem 2.27 Painting upgrade 5 files. 12/11/2020

Update Anthem 2.28 Campfire, soul campfire, and flint and steel. 12/23/2020

Update Anthem 2.29 Painting upgrade 4 files. 1/8/2021

Update Anthem 2.30 Double plant grass bottom, double plant grass top, seagrass, seagrass carried, seagrass double tall top A, seagrass double tall top B, seagrass double tall bottom A, and seagrass double tall bottom B. 1/24/2021

Update Anthem 2.31 Banner base, banner illager, and banner illager pattern. 1/31/2021

Update Anthem 2.32 Drowned, and tripwire source. 2/11/2021

Update Anthem 2.33 Horse armor iron, horse armor gold, horse armor diamond, horse armor leather, and fixed 6 files with display errors. 2/20/2021

Update Anthem 2.34 upgraded 7 paintings. 3/1/2021

Update Anthem 2.35 Glass pane top yellow, glass pane top silver, glass pane top red, glass pane top purple, glass pane top pink, glass pane top orange, glass pane top magenta, glass pane top lime, glass pane top light blue, glass pane top green, glass pane top brown, glass pane top cyan, glass pane top gray, glass pane top blue, and glass pane top black. 3/10/2021

Update Anthem version 2.36 Diamond horse armor icon, gold horse armor icon, iron horse armor icon, leather horse armor icon, item frame, kelp A, kelp B, kelp C, kelp D, kelp top, and kelp top bulb. 3/14/2021

Update Anthem version 2.37 Level diamond, level emerald, level gold, level iron, level stone, biome desert, biome jungle, biome plains, biome savanna, biome snow, biome swamp, biome taiga, zombie-villager, biome desert zombie, biome jungle zombie, biome plains zombie, biome savanna zombie, biome snow zombie, biome swamp zombie, and biome taiga zombie. 3/18/2021

Update Anthem version 2.38 Double plant grass carried, end portal, endermite, pillager, nitwit, cartographer, cleric, farmer, fisherman, flecther, butcher, leather worker, stone mason, tool smith, weapon smith, water flow, water flow gray, water place holder, water still, and water still gray. 3/20/2021

Update Anthem version 2.39 Blaze, tripwire, sheep, fish clownfish raw, zoglin, zombie pigman, pig zombie, and final four paintings. This update included 93 texture touch-ups. 3/23/2021

Update Anthem version 2.40 Leather armor icons, and 52 corrections to the pack. New pack icon and logo. 3/29/2021

Update Anthem version 2.41 Rail activator, powered rail activator, rail detector, power rail detector, rail golden, powered rail golden, rail normal, rail turned, and 32 block improvements/color fixes. 4/16/2021

Update Anthem version 2.43 Coal ore, copper ore, diamond ore, emerald ore, gold ore, iron ore, lapis ore, and redstone ore. 6/8/2021

Update Anthem version 2.44 Amethyst, amethyst budding, amethyst cluster bud, amethyst cluster large, amethyst cluster medium, amethyst cluster small, all deepslate files, azalea leaves, azalea leaves opaque, azalea leaves flowers, azalea leaves flower opaque, azalea plant, azalea plant side, azalea plant top, flowering azalea side, and flowering azalea top. 6/11/2021

Update version 2.45 Goat, glow squid, spyglass, bucket axolotl, bucket powder snow, amethyst shard, axolotl blue, axolotl cyan, axolotl gold, axolotl lucy, and axolotl wild. 6/16/2021

Update Anthem version 2.46 Completed remaining items and blocks for Caves and Cliffs update 1. 6/27/2021

Update Anthem version 2.47 Candles items, candles blocks, potted azalea bush plant, and potted flowering azalea bush plant. 7/13/2021

Update Anthem version 2.48 Misc color and pixel fixes to match the final Minecraft marketplace version releasing August 3rd. Added official texture pack trailer. If you would like to support me, please consider hitting that like button on the video trailer. Thanks, and enjoy! 7/21/2021

Update Anthem version 2.51 Particle rain splash, dialog background hollow 1, dialog background hollow 2, dialog background hollow 3, dialog background hollow 4, dialog background hollow thin 4, dialog background hollow 5 dialog background hollow 6, dialog background hollow 7, dialog background hollow 8, dialog background opaque and, dialog background opaque overlap bottom. 2/12/2022

All ideas suggested will be considered while creating this texture pack.

Hope you enjoy this pack!

Copyright © 2019-2021 Big Dye Gaming.
All rights reserved. No redistribution, alteration, or derivative works are allowed.

Allowed use:
-Use of the pack in videos, please post a link to it in the description.

Prohibited use:

- Redistribute this pack or any of its assets.

- Commercial use of this pack or any of its assets.

- Upload this pack or any of its assets to any other websites.
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft Bedrock

85 Update Logs

Update #85 : by BigDyeGaming 02/12/2022 1:20:51 pmFeb 12th

Update Anthem version 2.51 Particle rain splash, dialog background hollow 1, dialog background hollow 2, dialog background hollow 3, dialog background hollow 4, dialog background hollow thin 4, dialog background hollow 5 dialog background hollow 6, dialog background hollow 7, dialog background hollow 8, dialog background opaque and, dialog background opaque overlap bottom. 2/12/2022

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02/17/2022 3:09 pm
Level 14 : Journeyman Dragonborn
Sausdaus avatar
This is very nice!!!
02/19/2022 9:23 pm
Level 55 : Grandmaster Architect
BigDyeGaming avatar
Thank you!
12/27/2021 5:17 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Schmeg avatar
Hi BDG! I really looooove your texturepack and i have shared it around to alot of friends! You do have to look at the dolphin tho, for me its pieces of dolphins swimming around. Also, to ME, cobblestone look messy, to small cobbles and alot of it wich to me makes it messy, i would love if you did something in the same style as John Smith. Other than that, Great job!!!
12/27/2021 3:06 pm
Level 55 : Grandmaster Architect
BigDyeGaming avatar
Hello, glad you're enjoying the pack. I was unable to find the issue with the dolphin texture, if you could DM more information so I can see your issue. As far as the cobblestone it would be unfair to the thousands of people who downloaded the pack and enjoy the cobblestone. Once I finalized the pack I only change the texture errors or glitches. Thanks again
12/30/2021 5:32 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Schmeg avatar
I understand that! I will do a screenshot for you and send a dm.
11/17/2021 9:42 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Ferb99 avatar
Hello, I'm so glad that I found your texture pack, it makes my world so amazing. But I've made some changes on some mobs on your texture pack and the item frames are not invisible anymore, this is sad. How do I fix this? pls help. I only changed some lines in the manifest.json files, some png images In texture folder and block.json still remain the same. Modify texture block is fun :)) but I cant figure it out nowThank you.
11/18/2021 6:49 am
Level 55 : Grandmaster Architect
BigDyeGaming avatar
I'm not sure what you have changed that might have caused things not to appear. I would suggest downloading the original pack and only changing one thing in the pack at a time and testing to make sure it works each time you make a change. Too many possible ways to make a pack not work for me to guess at what went wrong. Glad to hear you're enjoying the pack!
08/11/2021 6:51 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
Axolotofthem avatar
I'm a bit confused that the Marketplace version isn't free but the download version is free. If you wanted to make it paid then just make it a Marketplace exclusive. Basically what I'm saying is, could you make the Marketplace version free?
08/11/2021 8:36 pm
Level 55 : Grandmaster Architect
BigDyeGaming avatar
I had a few requests from console players who wanted this pack available on the Minecraft Marketplace. I just added a link for those looking for the link.

If you're not interested in purchasing a templated version compatible with all the console devices you can get the free version through the other link.

Unfortunately, the marketplace only puts specific products for free and I don't have any control over what products they decide on. Hope you're at least enjoying the pack!
08/11/2021 6:44 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
Axolotofthem avatar
Nice 32x pack
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