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Forge Medieval Fantasy (Bedrock Edition)

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Bedrock Edition
BigDyeGaming's Avatar BigDyeGaming
Level 57 : Grandmaster Architect
Forge Medieval Fantasy Texture Pack

Designed for Bedrock Edition.

This will consist of a redo of my original medieval fantasy pack. I'm designing this pack in support of Big Dye Gaming new map projects and plan to make this a full texture pack over the next several months.

Like to thank the Minecraft community for its continued support as our company grows!

This pack is free to download.

Hope you enjoy this pack!

Update Forge 2.1 Apple, apple golden, armor stand icon, bed blue, bed blue icon, bed black, bed black icon, bed brown, bed brown icon, bed cyan, bed cyan icon, bed gray, bed gray icon, bed green, bed green icon, bed light blue, bed light blue icon, bed lime, bed lime icon, bed magenta, bed magenta icon, bed orange, bed orange icon, bed pink, bed pink icon, bed purple, bed purple icon, bed red, bed red icon, bed silver, bed silver icon, bed white, bed white icon, bed yellow, bed yellow icon, bee, bee angry, bee nectar, bee angry nectar, stone brick, stone brick mossy, and stone brick cracked. 10/5/2020

Update Forge version 2.11 Brick, moon phases, sun, weather, cobblestone, mossy cobblestone, door acacia low, door acacia upper, door birch low, door birch upper, door dark oak low, door dark oak upper, door jungle low, door jungle upper, door spruce low, door spruce upper, door wood low, door wood upper, door iron low, door iron upper, door acacia icon, door birch icon, door dark oak icon, door jungle icon, door spruce icon, door wood icon, door iron icon, glazed terracotta white, and map background. 10/8/2020

Update Forge version 2.12 Dark oak trap door, glazed terracotta orange, glazed terracotta pink, glazed terracotta purple, glazed terracotta red, glazed terracotta silver, glazed terracotta magenta, glazed terracotta yellow, ladder, frosted ice 0, frosted ice 1, frosted ice 2, frosted ice 3, birch trap door, jungle trapdoor, sand, trap door, dye powder black, dye powder brown, dye powder black new, dye powder brown new, dye powder white new, dye powder blue new, dye powder cyan, dye powder gray, dye powder green, dye powder light blue, dye powder lime, dye powder magenta, dye powder orange, dye powder pink, dye powder purple, dye powder red, dye powder silver, and dye powder yellow. 10/11/2020

Update Forge version 2.13 Leaves big oak, leaves big oak carried, leaves big oak opaque, leaves birch, leaves birch carried, leaves birch opaque, leaves jungle, leaves jungle carried, leaves jungle opaque, leaves acacia, leaves acacia carried, leaves acacia opaque, leaves oak, leaves oak carried, leaves oak opaque, leaves spruce, leaves spruce carried, leaves spruce opaque, log big oak, log big oak top, log birch, log birch top, log jungle, log jungle top, log acacia, log acacia top, log oak, log oak top, log spruce, and log spruce top. 10/18/2020

Update Forge version 2.14 Coal ore, diamond ore, emerald ore, gold ore, lapis ore, blast furnace on, blast furnace off, blast furnace side, blast furnace top, tallgrass, tall grass carried, diamond block, and lapis block. 10/23/2020

Update Forge version 2.15 Spawn eggs, splash potions, enchanted book, quartz, concrete black, dragon egg, end gateway, and end portal. 10/27/2020

Update Forge version 2.16 Bow pulling 0, bow pulling 1, bow pulling 2, bow standby, chicken cooked, chicken raw, mutton cooked, mutton raw, hay block side, hay block top, tnt top, tnt side, and tnt bottom. 11/23/2020

Update Forge version 2.17 Bucket cod, bucket lava, bucket milk, bucket pufferfish, bucket salmon, bucket tropical, bucket water, bucket empty, gold nugget, and gold ingot. 11/28/2020

Update Forge version 2.18 Iron ingot, ruby, ghast tear, gold block, beacon and shroom light. 12/3/2020

Update Forge version, 2.19 Lingering potions, wool black, wool brown, wool green, wool lime, wool red, wool orange, wool pink, wool purple, wool white, wool yellow, wool light blue, wool cyan, wool magenta, wool silver, wool gray and wool blue. 12/11/2020 (Added sample art to media gallery).

Update Forge version 2.20 Concrete gray, concrete silver, concrete light blue, concrete brown, concrete orange, barrel bottom, barrel side, barrel top, and barrel top open. 12/16/2020

Update Forge version 2.21 Pufferfish, anvil base, anvil damaged 0, anvil damaged 1, anvil damaged 2, shield, shears, string, paper, record 11, record 13, record blocks, record cat, record chirp, record far, record mall, record mellohi, record pigstep, record stal, record strad, record wait, and record ward. 12/20/2020

Update Forge version 2.22 Chest front, chest side, chest top, chest normal, chest double normal, bread, feather, fireball, and sweet berries. 12/27/2020

Update Forge version 2.23 Arrow, ancient debris top, ancient debris side, basalt side, basalt top, potion bottle, and potion bottle empty. 1/4/2021

Update Forge version 2.24 Bedrock, wood axe, wood pickaxe, wood hoe, wood shovel, wood sword, tipped arrow fire, tipped arrow harm, tipped arrow invisibility, tipped arrow leaping, tipped arrow healing, tipped arrow luck, tipped arrow night vision, tipped arrow poison, tipped arrow slow, tipped arrow regen, tipped arrow slow falling, tipped arrow strength, tipped arrow swift, tipped arrow turtle master, tipped arrow water breathing, tipped arrow weakness, and tipped arrow wither. 1/11/2021

Update Forge version 2.25 Composter bottom, composter side, composter top, compost, compost ready, cocoa stage 0, cocoa stage 1, cocoa stage 2, target side, target top, craft table front, craft table side, craft table top, beef cooked, beef raw, cookie, honeycomb, blaze powder, and blaze rod. 1/22/2021

Update Forge version 2.26 Concrete powder blue, concrete powder black, concrete powder brown, concrete powder magenta, concrete powder pink, concrete powder purple, concrete powder red, concrete powder lime, concrete powder green, concrete powder silver, concrete powder grey, concrete powder light blue, concrete powder orange, concrete powder white, concrete powder yellow, brick, and clay. 1/28/2021

Update Forge version 2.27 End frame side, end frame top, end frame eye, ender eye, bone block side, bone block top, blackstone, blackstone top, ice, blue ice, ice packed, hardened clay, hardened clay yellow, hardened clay white, hardened clay silver, hardened clay red, hardened clay purple, hardened clay pink, hardened clay orange, hardened clay magenta, hardened clay lime, hardened clay light blue, hardened clay green, hardened clay gray, hardened clay cyan, hardened clay brown, hardened clay blue, and hardened clay black. 2/4/2021

Update Forge version 2.28 Dragons breath, dead bush, beetroot, brewing stand, brewing stand base, brewing stand icon, prismarine bricks, prismarine dark, and prismarine rough. 2/14/2021

Update Forge version 2.29 Iron bars, acacia trapdoor, clay, crying obsidian, stripped crimson stem side, stripped crimson stem top, crimson planks, crimson trapdoor, crimson door lower, and crimson door top. 2/19/2021

Update Forge version 2.30 Stone hoe, stone pickaxe, stone shovel, stone sword, stone ax, sea lantern, concrete red, coal block, and coarse dirt. 2/25/2021

Update Forge version 2.31 Glass pane top black, glass pane top gray, glass pane top silver, command block, chain command block back, chain command block back mip map, chain command block conditional back, chain command block conditional mip map, chain command block side, chain command block side mip map, chain command block front, chain command block front mip map, command block back, command block back mip map, command block conditional back, command block conditional mip map, command block side, command block side mip map, command block front, command block front mip map, repeating command block back, repeating command block back mip map, repeating command block conditional back, repeating command block conditional mip map, repeating command block side, repeating command block side mip map, repeating command block front, and repeating command block front mip map. 3/7/2021

Update Forge version 2.32 Double plant sunflower back, double plant sunflower bottom, double plant sunflower front, double plant sunflower top, flower rose, bamboo leaf, bamboo single leaf, bamboo small leaf, bamboo sampling, bamboo stem, grass path top, grass path side, glazed terracotta blue, polished blackstone, polished blackstone bricks, polished blackstone bricks cracked, chiseled polished blackstone, and gilded blackstone. 5/13/2021

Update Forge version 2.33 Bone, carrot, carrot golden, emerald, ender pearl, flower tulip red, flower tulip orange, flower tulip white, flower tulip pink, flower pot, diamond, barrier, carrots stage 0, carrots stage 1, carrots stage 2, carrots stage 3, ender crystal, end crystal, chorus flower, chorus flower dead, chorus plant, end stone, end bricks, end portal, obsidian, enchanting table book, enchanting table book shadow, enchanting table bottom, enchanting table side, and enchanting table top. 5/14/2021

Update Forge version 2.34 Egg, flower pot, bee nest bottom, bee nest front, bee nest front honey, bee nest side, bee nest top, beehive front, beehive front honey, beehive side, beehive top, beetroots stage 0, beetroots stage 1, beetroots stage 2, beetroots stage 3, cactus bottom, cactus side, cactus top, chain, chain 1, chain 2, dried kelp side A, dried kelp side B, dried kelp top, shulker top black, shulker black, shulker top blue, shulker blue, shulker top brown, shulker brown, shulker top cyan, shulker cyan, shulker top gray, shulker gray, shulker top green, shulker green, shulker top light blue, shulker light blue, shulker top magenta, shulker magenta, shulker top orange, and shulker orange. 5/18/2021

Update Forge version 2.35 Bucket powder snow, bucket axolotl, diamond axe, diamond hoe, diamond shovel, diamond sword, netherite axe, netherite hoe, netherite shovel, netherite sword, diamond pickaxe, and netherite pickaxe. 6/23/2021

Update Forge version 2.36 Deepslate, chiseled deepslate, cobbled deepslate, cracked deepslate bricks, cracked deepslate tiles, deepslate bricks, deepslate tiles, deepslate top, polished deepslate, deepslate coal ore, deepslate diamond ore, deepslate emerald ore, deepslate gold ore, deepslate iron ore, deepslate lapis ore, and deepslate redstone ore. 6/28/2021

Update Forge version 2.37 Bed feet end, bed feet side, bed feet top, bed head end, bed head side, bed head top, cake inner, cake side, cake top, cake bottom, calcite, coral blue, coral pink, coral purple, coral red, coral yellow, warped fungus, amethyst shard, beetroot soup, bowl, carrot on a stick, cake, copper ingot, chorus fruit, chorus fruit popped, dragon fireball, fishing rod cast, fishing rod uncast, glowstone dust, leather, mushroom stew, rabbit stew, redstone dust, suspicious stew, and warped fungus on a stick. 7/5/2021

Update Forge version 2.38 Coal ore, copper ore, diamond ore, emerald ore, iron ore, lapis ore, redestone ore, kelp a, kelp b, kelp c, kelp d, kelp top, kelp top bulb, compass atlas, compass item, fish cooked, fish raw, fish salmon cooked, fish salmon raw, gunpowder, iron nugget, lodestone compass atlas, lodestone compass item, hotbar 0, hotbar 1, hotbar 2, hotbar 3, hotbar 4, hotbar 5, hotbar 6, hotbar 7, hotbar 8, and selected hotbar slot. 7/11/2021

Update Forge version 2.39 Candles items, candles blocks, azalea leaves, azalea leaves flowers, azalea leaves flowers opaque, azalea leaves opaque, azalea side, azalea plant, and azalea top. 7/16/2021

Update Forge version 2.40 Prismarine bricks, prismarine dark, prismarine rough, concrete blue, concrete magenta, crimson log top, crimson planks, stripped warped stem side, stripped warped stem top, warped door lower, warped door top, warped planks, warped stem side, warped stem top, and warped trapdoor. 7/26/2021

Update Forge version 2.41 Quartz block bottom, quartz block chiseled, quartz block chiseled top, quartz block lines, quartz block side, quartz block top, and quartz bricks. 8/2/2021

Update Forge version 2.42 Cocoa stage 0, cocoa stage 1, cocoa stage 2, red sand, red sandstone bottom, red sandstone carved, red sandstone normal, red sandstone smooth, and red sandstone top. 8/6/2021

Update Forge version 2.43 Chest front, chest side, chest top, trapped chest front, double normal, normal, trapped double, and trapped. 10/23/2021

Update Forge version 2.44 Glazed terracotta brown, glazed terracotta light blue, glazed terracotta gray, glazed terracotta green, and glazed terracotta lime. 11/7/2021

Update Forge version 2.45 Sand, sandstone bottom, sandstone carved, sandstone normal, sandstone smooth, and sandstone top. 11/13/2021

Update Forge version 2.46 Copper block, cut copper, exposed copper exposed cut copper, oxidized copper, oxidized cut copper, weathered copper, weather cut copper, iron bars, and spawn eggs. 11/24/2021

Update Forge version 2.47 Pointed dripstone down base, pointed dripstone down frustum, pointed dripstone down merge, pointed dripstone down middle, pointed dripstone down tip, pointed dripstone up base, pointed dripstone up frustum, pointed dripstone up merge, pointed dripstone up middle, pointed dripstone up tip, and dripstone block. 11/29/2021

Update Forge version 2.49 Particle rain, coral blue dead, coral pink dead, coral purple dead, coral red dead, coral yellow dead, nether wart block, warped wart block, and several corrections to previous textures. 12/24/2021

Update Forge version 2.50 Rail activator, rail activator powered, rail detector, rail detector powered, rail golden, rail golden powered, rail normal, rail normal turned, minecart, and minecart icon. 1/29/2022

Update Forge version 2.51 Iron trapdoor, purpur block, purpur pillar, and purpur pillar top. 2/7/2022

Update Forge version 2.52 Concrete green, concrete purple, dirt with roots, grass block snow, lectern base, lectern front, lectern sides, and lectern top. 2/26/2022

Update Forge version 2.53 Heart of the sea closed, honey bottle, nautilus, nether star, slimeball, snowball, wheat icon, spider eye, and spider eye fermented. 3/17/2022

Update Forge version 2.54 Magma cream, chiseled nether bricks, nether brick, red nether brick, cracked nether brick, netherite block, soul sand, soul soil, nether wart, nether wart stage 0, nether wart stage 1, and nether wart stage 2. 3/24/2022

Update Forge version 2.55 Jukebox side, jukebox top, big dripleaf top, big dripleaf stem, big dripleaf side 1, big dripleaf side 2, small dripleaf side, small dripleaf top, small dripleaf stem top, small dripleaf stem bottom, flower wither rose, crimson fungus, cocoa stage 0, cocoa stage 1, cocoa stage 2, raw copper block, raw gold block, and raw iron block. 3/30/2022

Update Forge version 2.56 Concrete lime, concrete pink, concrete white, concrete yellow, stripped acacia log, stripped acacia log top, stripped birch log, stipped birch log top, stipped dark oak log, stripped dark oak log top, stripped jungle log, stripped jungle log top, stripped oak log, stripped oak log top, stripped spruce log, and stripped spruce log top. 4/24/2022

Update Forge version 2.57 Carried waterlily, daylight detector inverted, daylight detector side, daylight detector top, portal, portal place holder, glow item frame, glow item frame icon, spore blossom, spore blossom base, redstone block, hopper icon, hopper top, hopper outside, hopper inside, waterlily, stonebrick carved, stonebrick carved top, stone slab side, and stone slab top. 5/26/2022

Update Forge version 2.58 Acacia chest boat icon, acacia chest boat, acacia boat, acacia boat icon, birch chest boat icon, birch chest boat, birch boat, birch boat icon, dark oak chest boat icon, dark oak chest boat, dark oak boat, dark oak boat icon, jungle chest boat icon, jungle chest boat, jungle boat, jungle boat icon, oak chest boat icon, oak chest boat, oak boat, oak boat icon, spruce chest boat icon, spruce chest boat, spruce boat, spruce boat icon, mangrove chest boat icon, mangrove chest boat, mangrove boat, mangrove boat icon, echo shard, mangrove door icon, mangrove door bottom, mangrove door top, mangrove sign icon, mangrove sign, record 5, record otherside, farmland dry, farmland wet, mangrove leaves, mangrove leaves carried, mangrove log side, mangrove log top, mangrove plank, mangrove roots side, mangrove roots top, mangrove trapdoor, mud, mud bricks, muddy mangrove roots side, muddy mangrove roots top, orchre froglight side, ochre froglight top, packed mud, pearlescent froglight side, pearlescent froglight top, reinforced deepslate bottom, reinforced deepslate side, reinforced deepslate top, powder snow, verdeant froglight side, and verdant froglight top. 6/9/2022

Update Forge version 2.59 Goat horn, netherite ingot, netherite scraps, polished basalt side, polished basalt top, wheat stage 0, wheat stage 1, wheat stage 2, wheat stage 3, wheat stage 4, wheat stage 5, wheat stage 6, wheat stage 7, sculk, sculk catalyst bottom, sculk catalyst side, sculk catalyst side bloom, sculk catalyst top, sculk catalyst top bloom, sculk sensor bottom, sculk sensor side, sculk sensor tendril active, sculk sensor tendril inactive, sculk sensor top, sculk shrieker bottom, sculk shrieker can summon inner top, sculk shrieker inner top, sculk shrieker side, sculk shrieker top, and sculk vein. 6/13/2022

Update Forge version 2.60 Stripped mangrove log side, stripped mangrove log top, smooth basalt, honeycomb block, honey top, honey side, honey bottom, warped nylium top, warped nylium side, crimson nylium top, crimson nylium side, gui icon, pointer, and cursor pc. 6/26/2022

Update Forge version 2.61 Coral plant blue, coral plant blue dead, coral plant pink, coral plant pink dead, coral plant purple, coral plant purple dead, coral plant red, coral plant red dead, coral plant yellow, coral plant yellow dead, cave vines body, cave vines head, cave vines body berries, cave vines head berries, vine, vine carried, crimson roots, crimson roots pot, amethyst cluster, large amethyst bud, medium amethyst bud, small amethyst bud, potatoes stage 0, potatoes stage 1, potatoes stage 2, potatoes stage 3, flower dandelion, double plant paeonia top, double plant paeonia bottom, flower lily of the valley, double plant rose top, and double plant rose bottom. 6/28/2022

Update Forge version 2.62 Lightning rod, redstone torch off, redstone torch on, repeater on, repeater off, repeater icon, comparator on, comparator off, comparator icon, scaffolding top, scaffolding bottom, scaffolding side, reeds, reeds icon, sea pickle, sea pickle icon, frogspawn, mangrove propagule, mangrove propagule hanging, mangrove propagule icon, furnace front on, furnace front off, furnace side, and furnace top. 7/7/2022

Update Forge version 2.63 Iron axe, iron hoe, iron pickaxe, iron shovel, iron sword, gold axe, gold hoe, gold pickaxe, gold shovel, gold sword, porkchop raw, porkchop cooked, potato, potato baked, potato poisonous, phantom membrane, web, ender chest, ender chest front, ender chest side, and ender chest top. 7/26/2022

Update Forge version 2.64 Campfire smoke, campfire, campfire log, campfire log lit, soul campfire, soul campfire lit, lantern, soul lantern, lantern icon, soul lantern icon, campfire icon, soul campfire icon, magma, hanging roots, melon side, melon top, pumpkin side, pumpkin top, pumpkin face off, and pumpkin face on. 8/13/2022

Update Forge version 2.65 Sponge, sponge wet, black bed, black bed icon, blue bed, blue bed icon, brown bed, brown bed icon, cyan bed, cyan bed icon, gray bed, gray bed icon, green bed, green bed icon, light blue bed, light blue icon, lime bed, lime bed icon, magenta bed, magenta bed icon, orange bed, orange bed icon, pink bed, pink bed icon, purple bed, purple bed icon, red bed, red bed icon, silver bed, silver bed icon, white bed, white bed icon, yellow bed, yellow bed icon, shulker black, shulker black top, shulker blue, shulker blue top, shulker cyan, shulker cyan top, shulker gray, shulker gray top, shulker green, shulker green top, shulker light blue, shulker light blue top, shulker lime, shulker lime top, shulker magenta, shulker magenta top, shulker orange, shulker orange top, shulker pink, shulker pink top, shulker purple, shulker purple top, shulker red, shulker red top, shulker silver, shulker silver top, shulker white, shulker white top, shulker yellow, shulker yellow top, shulker undyed, and shulker undyed top. 8/24/2022

Update Forge version 2.66 Paintings (All vanilla paintings replaced) 10/31/2022

Copyright © 2019-2022 Big Dye Gaming.
All rights reserved. No redistribution, alteration, or derivative works are allowed.

Allowed use:
-Use of the pack in videos, please post a link to it in the description.

Prohibited use:

- Redistribute this pack or any of its assets.

- Commercial use of this pack or any of its assets.

- Upload this pack or any of its assets to any other websites.
Progress90% complete
Game VersionMinecraft Bedrock

57 Update Logs

Update #57 : by BigDyeGaming 10/31/2022 3:51:47 pmOct 31st, 2022

Update Forge version 2.66 Paintings (All vanilla paintings replaced) 10/31/2022

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05/18/2023 11:56 am
Level 26 : Expert Miner
rugitron's Avatar
java version?
11/15/2022 7:30 am
Level 4 : Apprentice Explorer
ElMimikyu778's Avatar
Hello, nice work but item frame are invisible :(
11/15/2022 7:04 pm
Level 57 : Grandmaster Architect
BigDyeGaming's Avatar
Hello, we left the main item frames invisible for people who like to decorate with items—for example putting a fish on top of a barrel, a sword on a bench, etc.
11/16/2022 7:10 amhistory
Level 4 : Apprentice Explorer
ElMimikyu778's Avatar
ohh I understand, maybe add an additional download with a mini resource to make it visible :)
10/31/2022 4:31 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Crafter
A Foundation Employee
A Foundation Employee's Avatar
I can’t wait to see what the warden looks like.
11/01/2022 2:01 pm
Level 57 : Grandmaster Architect
BigDyeGaming's Avatar
Have a team member making the Warden, I'm curious but confident that he will make something awesome. You can see some of his work on models on our website or youtube, links are on my profile page.
08/09/2022 5:28 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
fishbonk's Avatar
this is the best pack out there. thanks
08/12/2022 12:59 pm
Level 57 : Grandmaster Architect
BigDyeGaming's Avatar
Awesome thanks!
07/03/2022 8:30 amhistory
Level 1 : New Miner
NoPixMarks101's Avatar
When will you add textures to some blocks like iron blocks, tuff, iron tools, (mobs maybe) etc. or where's the texture of it? Is it missing or just need some work on future?
07/07/2022 7:48 pm
Level 57 : Grandmaster Architect
BigDyeGaming's Avatar
Hello, all items and blocks should be done by this fall. Mobs will be the last textures added since another team member is working on them for our official version. I will try to match the textures as best as I can but the official version will have custom geometry for the mobs so the free version won't be an exact match.
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