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Beatso avatar Beatso
Level 61 : High Grandmaster Blueberry
This is a pack I made a while back with the intention of improving Minecraft's GUI with some subtle tweaks.

Effect icons can be found on their own here.

Media gallery is it a bit of a mess since I gave up with the showcase images halfway through. Full list of things that have been changed:

All changes


  • Fixed bottom of effect box - also fixed in vanilla 1.18

  • Changed player render background to grey

  • Fixed knowledge book to use jappa texture

Empty armour slots

  • Shield/offhand is invisible

  • Armour slots fit shape of jappa armour (fixed MC-173455)

Options background

  • Uses new jappa dirt texture (fixed MC-198202)


  • Uses new lapis texture in lapis slot (fixed MC-203155)


  • Fixed inconsistent stick pixel in hammer (fixed MC-170375)

  • Use new iron pallet in anvil hammer (fixed MC-176833)

  • Recoloured the textbox used for renaming items


  • Removed border of no chest slots

  • Changed horse render background to grey


  • Used new knowledge book texture

  • Mining wood uses new oak log texture

  • Updated Steve mining tree

  • Oak tree uses new oak log texture


  • Attack indicator (hotbar) fits the hotbar a lot more

  • Attack indicator (crosshair) is much cleaner

  • Ping icons have no shadow

  • Error ping icon has smaller cross

  • Wither hearts now use the wither colour scheme (normal and hardcore)

  • Half a hunger haunch is now smaller to make the difference from the full haunch clearer

  • Made absorption hearts more yellow

  • Added hardcore mark to both sides of absorption


  • Gui slots are now all consistent (for row headers and column headers) in item statistics

  • "times mined": updated iron pickaxe texture and made it lower

  • "times broken": updated iron shovel texture

  • "times crafted": replaced anvil with crafting table icon

  • "times used": replaced abacus with fishing rod

  • "picked up": replaced backpack with bundle

  • "dropped": replaced grass blocks with potatoes


  • Bottle outlines use new jappa texture

  • Cleaned up lines/pipes/tubes

  • Removed bubbles


  • Scroll is invisible if disabled

  • Removed separation between scroll area and trades


  • Removed lines around banner/dye/pattern input slots

  • Changed empty dye slot icon from paint palette to dye outline

  • Scroll is invisible if disabled

  • Area for banner preview does not show if there is no preview

  • Recoloured pattern picker to be more consistent with the rest of the GUI


  • Scroll is invisible if disabled

  • Picker area has been recoloured to be more consistent with the rest of the GUI


  • Removed bars between input ingots

  • Beacon bases now use actual emerald block palette and beacon palette

  • Fixed bottom layer of beacon bases to be the same height as other layers

  • Position of 4 layer base is now consistent with 1,2,3 layer base

  • Tweaked tick/checkmark

  • Each pyramid size now shows range and mineral blocks needed


  • Item and real map texture has much more clean borders

  • Map item has been recoloured to match map display

  • Removed checkerboard in map_background_checkerboard.png

  • Filled overlay looks like a globe and is more clean

  • Updated map in cartography table GUI texture

Mob effect icons (standalone pack)

  • Shape of luck texture looks more like a real life 4 leafed clover

  • Changed shape of unluck texture

  • Fixed blue colouring on regeneration, health boost, instant health and instant damage hearts

  • Moved heart up on instant health

  • Improved shape and colours of mining fatigue spoon

  • Recoloured and slightly adjusted shape of wither

  • changed plus symbol on strength

  • Centred weakness icon

  • Replaced skeleton with Steve and removed yellow from glowing

  • Centred shadow in levitation and slightly recoloured cloud

  • Recoloured fire in fire resistance

  • Desaturated slow falling feathers

  • Changed shape, colour and shading of night vision

  • Adjusted colours on blindness

  • Cleaned up colour on bad omen

  • Remade middle of conduit power and add wind particles

  • Added mini emeralds and removed ribbon from hero of the village

  • Hunger is now smaller haunch with minus symbol

  • Saturation is now bigger haunch with plus symbol

  • Adjusted slowness colours (less saturated and higher hue)

  • Absorption is now a big yellow heart

  • Removed handle from stick on haste

  • Changed shape and colouring on invisibility mirror

  • Tweaked colouring on jump boost

  • Remade colouring and shading on nausea

  • Poison now looks completely different

  • Changed sword to heart on resistance and tweaked some colouring

Beatso's GUI Minecraft Texture Pack

© Beatso. Terms of Usage
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.18

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11/27/2021 11:58 am
Level 16 : Journeyman Spelunker
IMK011 avatar
I like stats
11/27/2021 3:43 pm
Level 61 : High Grandmaster Blueberry
Beatso avatar
thanks :)
11/26/2021 11:32 pm
Level 54 : Grandmaster Nether Knight
GillsBills avatar
11/27/2021 4:41 am
Level 1 : New Explorer
DerasLTU avatar
11/27/2021 2:03 am
Level 51 : Grandmaster Miner
pigeo avatar
How did you find me
11/27/2021 9:42 am
Level 54 : Grandmaster Nether Knight
GillsBills avatar
We may never know
11/26/2021 5:59 pm
Level 43 : Master Pixel Painter
Chromus avatar
Dark mode version???
11/27/2021 3:43 pm
Level 61 : High Grandmaster Blueberry
Beatso avatar
I have very little intention of updating this pack, but if you want to make an addon or a dark mode version, go ahead
11/26/2021 6:03 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Zuccy_ avatar
This would be an epic gamer move
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