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FlatJim avatar FlatJim
Level 49 : Master Artist

Chimney Pots


Do you hate seeing people make chimneys out of a campfire surrounded by wooden trapdoors? I do, so I created this resource pack. It adds a chimney pot you can use to top off your chimneys! Its thick walls will hide any ugly trapdoors, meaning you can still place them without having to look at them, and your friends won't be asking why you have a naked campfire on top of your house. It's also compatible with any other resource pack.

There are 2 methods of obtaining the chimney pot, one can be accomplished easily with a command, but requires cheats. The other method uses Optifine's CIT feature to make it obtainable in survival.

Instructions for use:

Method 1: ​Optifine required, but works in survival

  1. Install the resource pack
  2. Place any trapdoors you want
  3. Place a regular campfire where you want the chimney pot to be
  4. Grab another regular campfire, and rename it using an anvil to "Chimney Pot" (case insensitive)
  5. Place an item frame on top of the campfire, and place your newly forged chimney pot in the frame. The item frame won't be visible from the ground, but just in case, I've included an option to make item frames invisible, which can be accessed using the mod Respackopts (link at the bottom of the page). You can also get an invisible item frame by using this command: /give @p item_frame{EntityTag:{Invisible:1}} 1
  6. Profit!

Method 2: Works in vanilla, but only with cheats available
  1. Install the resource pack
  2. Place any trapdoors you want first, as the chimney pot will cover them up once you place it. Due to the method I used, the chimney pot will spill out water if your break it or trigger a block update, so adding trapdoors before placing it is a very good idea.
  3. Copy and paste this command in the chat window: /give @p campfire{BlockStateTag:{waterlogged:"true"}} 1
  4. Place your brand new chimney pot.
  5. Profit
  6. To destroy the chimney pot, first drain its water using a bucket, OR quickly place a block to stop it from spreading.
  7. An alternate method of placing it would be to place a regular campfire and use the debug stick to switch to the right blockstate combination: lit=true,waterlogged=false

Links: Download Optifine | Download Respackopts [ CF | Modrinth ]

Permissions: You can this resource pack and any of its assets for any purpose. Credit would be nice if you do.
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.16.5

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02/03/2022 3:45 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
ahelms05 avatar
Are they only stone brick texture or are there other textures?
02/05/2022 1:04 am
Level 49 : Master Artist
FlatJim avatar
It is only stone bricks, but I have a slightly updated version of this pack with a new method of getting the items which has a lot more textures, guess i'll release it soon
05/15/2021 6:24 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
chahcapper avatar
05/10/2021 2:44 pm
Level 15 : Journeyman Dragon
JJCROME avatar
05/09/2021 10:57 am
Level 44 : Master Pirate
NightJasian avatar
i like the trap door but well, good pack nontheless
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