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GeometricosSammy avatar GeometricosSammy
Level 8 : Apprentice Collective
The Coins for minecraft is Here!

So do you like Coins but you want to see it in Minecraft? Well this texture pack makes basically that! So take a look!

What does this texture pack do? Well, Change the brick, coal, diamond, emerald, minecraft ingots like copper (1.17) gold, iron, lapis lazuli, and netherite, redstone, the ore blocks and the raw items. He replaces them with round pixelated coins.

Note: this only works in the java version, also if you play with clients like lunar client, badilon, among others. And also with optifine with sodium, don't worry. you can play with the texture pack! Always with the respective version.

Enjoy it!

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Progress95% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.19.1

2 Update Logs

Update #2 : by GeometricosSammy 08/29/2022 3:41:04 pmAug 29th

Time for a nice update! :D

Added ores as a coin ores!
Coal ore as a: Coin Coal Ore
Copper ore as a: Coin Copper Ore
Diamond ore as a: Coin Diamond Ore
Emerald ore as a: Coin Emerald Ore
Gold ore as a: Coin Gold Ore
Iron ore as a: Coin Iron Ore
Lapis ore as a: Coin lapis Ore
Redstone ore as a: Coin Redstone Ore

I Hope you enjoy it :)

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