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DefaultEx: Bedrock Edition [DISCONTINUED]

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Stridey's Avatar Stridey
Level 82 : Elite Pixel Painter Demolitionist

When creating a 'vanilla edit' style of resource pack, its very important to keep Minecraft's distinct style and charm in mind. I feel a lot of packs fail to do this, or go for a more 'realistic' approach. Every change in this reosurce pack has reason behind it, from simply enhancing the visuals of the game, to making user interfaces more user-friendly, or even to adding lore to the Minecraft story. This resource pack changes Minecraft's assets for good reasons; not just for the sake of it.

Installation instructions:
1. Download the pack. If it downloads as a .zip file, change the extension to .mcpack
2. Double click the .mcpack file. It should open Minecraft and automatically begin installing the pack.

Regarding ad links:
I really appreciate if you can use the main download button which includes ads as it helps me out a lot and allows me to monetise my hobby! The ad pages can sometimes look scary, but as long as you click nothing but the [​Skip ad] button when it appears, you will be fine!

If you are having trouble with the ad page however, then scroll down to the changelogs and click the download button for the latest version.

Thank you :)

DefaultEx: Bedrock Edition [DISCONTINUED] Minecraft Texture Pack

DefaultEx: Bedrock Edition [DISCONTINUED] Minecraft Texture Pack
DefaultEx: Java Edition > The original version of DefaultEx for Java Edition

_ImKing > Portugese translations (credit)
HARYA_ > French translations (credit)

You may:
- Upload showcase videos or threads to YouTube or forums sites. (A link to this post will be appreciated)

You may not:
- Redistribute this pack or any of its assets as your own.
- Create mashup/edits using this pack’s assets and redistribute.

© 2020 Stridey. Some rights reserved.
Latest version: 2.2 - designed for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition 1.16.20
CreditMojang AB, Jasper 'Jappa' Boerstra, Harag0n_MC, _ImKing
Progress0% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.16

6 Update Logs

DefaultEx [BE] 2.2 : by Stridey 08/18/2020 6:13:54 pmAug 18th, 2020

retextured grass block
retextured snowy grass block side
retextured podzol
retextured sunflower - its still 2 blocks tall unlike its Java Edition counterpart
retextured soul fire to match regular fire
tweaked crimson and warped nylium sides
fixed fire animation

retextured all netherite armour pieces

retextured menu panorama
retextured netherite armour

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