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"Barely Default" by Mickey Joe

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MushirMickeyJoe's Avatar MushirMickeyJoe
Level 61 : High Grandmaster Artist
Disclaimer: You will need to install OptiFine to take full advantage of this pack's features. That is all.

The changelog ☝ https://www.YouTube.com/@MushirMickeyJoe

Mickey Joe's "Barely Default" is a pack I made initially just for personal use. At one point I made a Reddit post with a screenshot of what I had made. The post got a surprising amount of satisfying feedback so I decided to try to turn my work into an actual pack. Which you can play with! or don't. I can't tell you what to do

Everything in this pack is free to use for whatever you want. I can't take credit for the textures, as they're based on textures Mojang made. for more info on redistribution, check out this document I wrote up.

For a comprehensive visual guide to all the armour sets my resource pack adds to your game, check out this other document.
"Barely Default" by Mickey Joe Minecraft Texture Pack

👉 if you're a nerd and prefer to read, here's a very comprehensible (and equally fun) changelog I've kept over the past few years.


💰 support me - https://www.Patreon.com/MushirMickeyJoe
📷 the Gram - https://www.Instagram.com/MushirMicke...
🛸 read all about it - https://www.Reddit.com/user/MushirMic...
🐦 Tweets - https://Twitter.com/MushirMickeyJoe

but really, what I care most about you checking out is my YT channel - https://www.YouTube.com/c/MickeyJoeAlpha-G
CreditStridey, ModSully, Toxteer, Ewan Howell, SixtFootBlue, NinjaFrito
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.20

67 Update Logs

Update #67 : by MushirMickeyJoe 05/27/2024 5:59:17 pmMay 27th

Version 13.5 - Released 🎉

  • Added a new sound for when a bow fires! This new sound is the default bow firing sound, mixed in with the OG bow firing sound.
  • Added two new sounds for when the player falls from a great height! These are both variants of the now-removed sound where it sounds like you break your bones when you fall and take a lot of

Version 13.4 - Released 🎉

  • Tweaked my new lightmaps. They should be more balanced now.
    • Added a lightmap for when you’re viewing the world with night vision.
    • Also a custom lightmap for then it’s raining.

Version 13.3 - Released 🎉

  • Added a custom lightmap for the Overworld. This is a big deal as the game will never look the same after this update. I hope I did you all good with this change. I spent a lot of time learning to understand custom colormaps, and how to best incorporate them into my pack to give you guys the best possible experience. Please let me know what you think.
    • There’s also a custom lightmap for when it’s raining. It’s much less saturated and darker.
  • Slightly tweaked my existing lightmap for the End.
  • Changed the piston sound effect! I made a compromise sound between the OG piston sound, and the recently rejected one from the 1.21 snapshots.

Version 13.2 - Released 🎉

  • Added a new bow rename: The “Bow Mk III” as a reference to Custom Robo Arena from the DS (also featured in Super Smash Bros).
  • Added height dependent ores! Ores will now look different if they spawn at the ‘optimal Y level’ where that type of ore can most commonly found, in accordance with the post Caves & Cliffs worldgen.
  • Added custom colormaps for stone! Stone, and some blocks made from stone (stone bricks, cobblestone) are now slightly tinted in certain biomes. Enjoy finding all the unique flavours of caves in your world! Bit of a game-changer, if I do say so myself.
    • Also deepslate and its variants.
  • Removed my pink birch trees from flower forests. They were just the worst, weren’t they.
  • Fixed chests z-fighting with the block their lid opens into.
  • Reverted half hearts back to how they are in default.
  • Fixed the missing textures for frozen hearts.
  • Fixed creeper spawning conditions. I’ll probably redo the entire creeper soon.
  • Tightened up my alternative cobblestone variant.

Version 13.1 - Released 🎉

  • Tweaked the Arm Buster a little bit. I included the iconic yellow bar to the side that charges up as the weapon readies, and I made it open up slightly in the first frame of the buster reloading.
  • Added a few new bow renames:
    • Omega Arm Buster
    • Arm Buster.exe
    • X Arm Buster
      • The X Arm Buster gets a different design when enchanted with Power V.
    • Bass Arm Buster
    • Proto Arm Buster
  • Changed all MegaMan inspired Arm Busters to turn red when enchanted with Fire Aspect.
  • Added custom ore textures for diamond and redstone ore that spawns on the levels where that ore is maximum abundant. At the most optimal level.

Version 13 - Released 🎉

  • Added a few new bow renames, based on the blaster cannons in Super Smash Bros Ultimate:
    • Arm Cannon
    • Trooper Arm Cannon
    • Space Arm Cannon
    • Steampunk Arm Cannon
    • Arm Buster
    • Trigger Arm Buster
  • Slightly reduced the contrast of the texture of glowing item frames.

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06/01/2024 7:45 am
He/Him • Level 12 : Journeyman Architect
NetheritePlanet's Avatar
Very cool resourcepack! But please, make world creating buttons better and also make russian compatibility addon!
07/04/2024 11:35 am
Level 66 : High Grandmaster Creeper
Team UNNAMED's Avatar
and fix ghast Write a comment...
05/28/2024 11:23 am
Level 66 : High Grandmaster Creeper
Team UNNAMED's Avatar
that custom ghast is the 2nd ugliest thing ever
07/04/2024 4:32 am
He/Him • Level 41 : Master Mlem Mlem Bat Creeper Hugger
Supermugget's Avatar
what's the first?
07/04/2024 11:35 am
Level 66 : High Grandmaster Creeper
Team UNNAMED's Avatar
we do not talk about that
07/04/2024 8:27 pm
He/Him • Level 41 : Master Mlem Mlem Bat Creeper Hugger
Supermugget's Avatar
10/27/2023 12:05 pm
They/Them • Level 40 : Master Network System
KingtheTitan's Avatar
09/22/2023 1:40 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
ViperZEE999's Avatar
I have a question

Now I have used this resource pack before
and I've 4gotten abt it since last year as I had school and exmas
and now I'm back and when I try to download the resourcepack with all these new updates minecraft is showing that it failed to load the resource pack.
Any clue why???
09/23/2023 12:56 pm
Level 61 : High Grandmaster Artist
MushirMickeyJoe's Avatar
Are you using the latest version of OptiFine?
10/11/2023 8:49 am
Level 1 : New Miner
ViperZEE999's Avatar
I am using optifine mods on fabric

Update: i tried to do it on forge with optifine only and it does load on the menu screen but when I join a world or server it instantly crashes