Paintball PVP Pack (Desktop Variant)

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                      My little brother plays the Paintball Minigame over on Mineplex all the time and it looks a little weird, running around with horse armor like it's a paintball gun... so I made a pack that does just that! This pack replaces the hand model for all the horse armors with an actual 3D paintball gun!

                      I used BlockBench to model it. Like all my custom 3D packs. :3

                      Feel free to download and use this in your Mineplex paintball battles!

                      As this is a custom model, I have to set the view of each mode manually, and so this may not work correctly with Vivecraft atm, though I'm going to check on that!

                      = Patch Notes =

                      V5 - Edits to the SMG and Rifle models, removed the muzzle cause the barrel looks better by itself. >w<

                      V4 - New SMG model! Works with the paintball machine gun.

                      V3 - New model for the Shotgun! Double barrel and more!

                      V2.1 - New color and detail work on the Sniper, and new pack image!

                      V2 - Version 2 introduces models for all the paintball gun types present in Mineplex Super Paintball. The green gun for the Rifle, the yellow for the Shotgun, the blue for the Machine Gun, and a new custom model for the Sniper Rifle, which includes several custom pieces and textures.

                      Note on 1.1 (currently is nested inside another folder in the zip. just move the items inside the nested folder out to use them. Will fix this issue in 1.2)
                      V1.1 Update - Fixed an issue stopping non-Optifine players from seeing the golden paintball gun model.
                      CreditDragonmaster95 and Eliot for helping me diagnose UV errors.
                      Progress100% complete
                      Game VersionMinecraft 1.16

                      5 Update Logs

                      Update #5 - V5 : 09/02/2020 6:55:19 pmSep 2nd, 2020

                      V5 - Removed the Muzzles on the Rifle and SMG so they look more like paintball guns. also more detail work.
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