The Infinity Blade Pack (V14) (Desktop Variant)

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                    avatar Inferno Digital
                    Level 28 : Expert Procrastinator
                    Hello everyone! Welcome to the Infinity Blade pack! This pack is my first ever custom 3D model pack,
                    and replaces every sword except the wooden sword with the Infinity Blade!

                    The Infinity Blade was the main weapon in one of the first Unreal Engine Games on IOS. It's been featured in various places since it's creation.

                    This mod has a custom made version specifically for use in VR. However, it's a major overhaul, so it has it's own page. Want to use this pack with Vivecraft? Head here to get the Vivecraft compatible version.

                    See you in the field, Agents!

                    - Patch Notes -

                    V14 - Jumped a version, thought about including a new experimental weapon model for the iron axe but it wasn't up to my quality standard so I removed it. This version fixes the weird angle the swords had when in item frames. They should look normal now. :D

                    V12 - Jumping a few versions to bring it in line with my development updates (private versions). Version 12 has a new pack image! That's about it. :3

                    V5 - Netherite Update! Finally got a new model made for the Netherite Sword! I hope you all like the extra detail!

                    V4 - Now supports 1.16.X, currently no override model for Netherite sword, working on adding that next, along with a Gold variant. (This Variant is Desktop Only. Use the link above for the Vivecraft Compatible version)

                    V3 - Now there are three different variants, one for Stone, one for Iron, and one for Diamond, each with their own decorations. I posted some images above so you can see what each version looks like!

                    V2 - Adjust some angles!
                    CreditChair Games, Epic Games
                    Progress95% complete
                    Game VersionMinecraft 1.16

                    5 Update Logs

                    Update #5 - DV 14 : 09/24/2020 4:46:31 pmSep 24th, 2020

                    Desktop Version 14! Fixes the awkward angle of swords in item frames, they should look fairly normal now.
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