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Real-MC Texture Pack for 1.13 - 1.19.4

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Peppe73 avatar Peppe73
Level 55 : Grandmaster Ranger
Ciao ho realizzato la mia prima Real-MC Texture Pack a 256x , ho preferito questa risoluzione perché i dettagli sono ottimi graficamente, ed il file non risulta pesante come quelle a 512, oltre a Texture uso le Shaderpack , il mio pacchetto e completo in tutte le sue parti grafiche, non e come gli altri dove anno fatto solo alcuni blocchi principali, il mio pacchetto e completo al 100%, e per questo richiede anche un PC di fascia medio alta, e stato un gran lavoro realizzarlo. Se vi piace votatelo, sarà per me un incentivo a continuare e tenerlo aggiornato.


Hi I made my first Real-MC Texture Pack at 256x, I preferred this resolution because the details are excellent graphically, and the file is not as heavy as those at 512, in addition to Texture I use Shaderpacks, my package is complete in all its graphic parts, it's not like the others where they only made some main blocks, my package is 100% complete, and for this it also requires a medium-high range PC, it was a great job to make it. If you like it, vote for it, it will be an incentive for me to continue and keep it updated.


Come sapete sono disoccupato per alcuni problemi di salute, e quello che una volta era un obbi e diventato un lavoro, ho almeno sto cercando di farne un lavoro, se vi piace il mio lavoro sostenetemi, anche con piccole donazioni che in mezzo a tanti diventeranno grandi. grazie.

As you know I'm unemployed due to some health problems, and what was once an obligation has become a job, I'm at least trying to make it a job, if you like my job, support me, even with small donations which among many will become big. Thank you.

Real-MC Texture Pack for 1.13 - 1.19.4 Minecraft Texture Pack

How to upload the package

Cartella %appdata%/.minecraft/ressourcespack!

Or, simpler, launch the game, go to options / resource packs / click open pack folder and copy the pack


Per questo pacchetto sono consigliate le Shaderpack, come le Sildur's Vibrant High, Seus Renewed, BSL Shaders, Complementary Shaders, o le Continum, ma potete usare quello che preferite. Le OptiFine sono necessarie per il corretto funzionamento del pacchetto. Faccio presente che la grafica del pacchetto varia in base alle Shaders che scegliete io per il mio pacchetto vi consiglio le Seus Renewed o le Complementary Shaders, sono quelle che uso e sono le migliori a mio parere, se avete un Pc con poche prestazioni vi consiglio di installare le Iris Shaders sostituiscono le OptFine e anno prestazioni ottimizzati per PC meno performanti, basta scaricare il file ed installare fa tutto da solo, avviato il Client di Minecraft lo troverete in elenco come le OptFine.
Provatele e poi decidete cosa più vi piace. Consiglio di scaricare l'utima versione di Java disponibile.
Una volta installato le Shaderpack e le OptFine, o le Iris Shaders, dovrete un po' smanettare tra le configurazioni, e bilanciare prestazioni e grafica, in base al vostro PC. Cercate un buon compromesso per la vostra configurazione buon divertimento.


Shaderpacks are recommended for this pack, such as Sildur's Vibrant High, Seus Renewed, BSL Shaders, Complementary Shaders, or Continum, but you can use whichever you prefer. The OptiFines are required for the package to function properly. I would like to point out that the graphics of the package vary according to the Shaders you choose for my package I recommend the Seus Renewed or the Complementary Shaders, they are the ones I use and are the best in my opinion, if you have a PC with little performance I recommend you to install the Iris Shaders replace the OptFine and have optimized performance for less performing PCs, just download the file and install it does everything by itself, started the Minecraft Client you will find it listed as the OptFine.Try them and then decide what you like best. I recommend downloading the latest version of Java available.
Once you have installed the Shaderpacks and OptFines, or Iris Shaders, you will have to tinker with the configurations, and balance performance and graphics, according to your PC. Look for a good compromise for your configuration. Have fun.

For any help and support with my storylines used Discord, do not receive support via email, and I do not respond to emails for support.

If you donate to receive my Texture package what you are entitled to, a key will be sent to you by email giving you access to this special area dedicated to future updates which you can access and download my package.

For any assistance contact me on Discord, writing here is not the case, I don't look at this page every day.

Thank you

Per questo pacchetto e necessario l'uso di Optifine e delle Shaders, sul mio sito ufficiale troverete i Download

For this package you need to use Optifine and Shaders, on my official website you will find the Downloads

Thanks to:
oakar258 For the help I receive in solving problems
Seppelbert for helping me solve a problem on 3D mapping

Thanks the creators for allowing me to use and integrate the following packages:
for Bioma Ravenger
4nvm for fake Nether blocks
bfmg for Manila Iron Bars
creatorLabs for 3D Noteblock Displays
Checkerd for texture Redstone Cables
Aquatic Shelter for Dynamic-Audio- Realistic Soundpack
BlackBaron for the lantern and torches

For any help and support for my textures used Discord, please do not email
Email support is not convenient for giving support, because I can't send you screenshots in case of support.

By purchasing these products you will support my work. Whoever buys one of these products will receive the latest version of my package, to receive it I must send the purchase receipt of the product via email. site Shop

Ricordo che il pacchetto di Texture v3.9 e aggiornato fino alla versione di Minecraft 1.14.4, anche se funziona per le versioni successive mancano i blocchi delle versioni successive.

La v4.0 del mio pacchetto e aggiornato per tutte le versioni di Minecraft fino alla 1.15.2


Il mio pacchetto v5 è aggiornato per tutte le versioni di Minecraft fino alla 1.15.2 e 1.16.5

La v9 del mio pacchetto è aggiornato per tutte le versioni di Minecraft fino alla 1.17.1 e 1.19.4

Real-MC Texture Pack for 1.13 - 1.19.4 Minecraft Texture Pack
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.19.4

55 Update Logs

Update #55 : by Peppe73 03/21/2023 9:51:03 amMar 21st

Since I'm a precise person, " unfortunately " you can download and add to the textures the only graphic update, and very simple

you just have to copy the contents of the folder you downloaded from this link into the ITEM folder of the Textures and reload the Textures by restarting Minecraft


if it asks you to confirm the changes, click OK and confirm


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03/23/2023 8:18 pmhistory
Level 55 : Grandmaster Ranger
Peppe73 avatar
The work on version 1.20 goes on and there is much to do. These are the pieces for decorating the decorated vase

03/14/2023 5:25 pm
Level 55 : Grandmaster Ranger
Peppe73 avatar

03/08/2023 11:05 am
Level 55 : Grandmaster Ranger
Peppe73 avatar
Today I finished the signs, and made the cherry trunk

03/07/2023 5:00 pmhistory
Level 55 : Grandmaster Ranger
Peppe73 avatar
I'm working on the new 1.20 bamboo blocks and Cherry the signs, without the OptiFine it doesn't work much, but I hope you like them soon after the finished work.

03/05/2023 5:29 am
Level 1 : New Miner
User4495546G avatar
03/05/2023 7:02 am
Level 55 : Grandmaster Ranger
Peppe73 avatar
Thank you
03/03/2023 11:16 amhistory
Level 55 : Grandmaster Ranger
Peppe73 avatar
In the next update there will be improved glass, transparency will be better, with improved colors too

Depending on the shaders you use, the color and quality will vary. Each shader handles colors in its own way.

The black glass has been replaced by mosaic glass, and the darkened glass has returned to the original one

In the gui the colors of the glasses are sharper and more defined

02/27/2023 6:38 am
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02/27/2023 8:49 am
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