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Subtitle Color Highlights

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Gouchnox avatar Gouchnox
Level 54 : Grandmaster Princess
Subtitle Color Highlights is a resource pack that gives important subtitles a highlight color to make them stand out better. Noteworthy sounds that indicate an uncommon event or potential danger are highlighted in green. Critical sounds that indicate immediate danger are highlighted in light purple.

All 121 in-game languages are supported by this resource pack. The subtitle colors should still contrast well with the subtitle background, and in all major types of color-deficient vision.

Subtitles get highlighted in green when:
- a friendly creature* (excluding Bats, Squids and Fish) gets hurt or dies
- a friendly creature warns the player (Parrot imitating a hostile mob, Cat hissing at Phantoms, Horse neighing...)
- a friendly creature or Conduit attacks another mob (Fox hunting Chickens, Axolotl hunting fish...)
- a mob transforms (Zombie Villager, Piglin, Mooshroom...)
- a Bee enters or leaves a hive
- a hostile creature** makes an ambient sound
- a projectile is shot/thrown, a Shulker bullet explodes, an arrow hits a player
- Redstone activates (pressure plates, tripwire, Sculk Sensors...) or a dispenser fires
- fire or lava crackles/pops, or a flint and steel is used
- thunder resonates
- an item or anvil breaks
- a Totem of Undying activates, a bell reveal raid mobs, an End Portal opens, water/lava drips into a cauldron, dripleaf tilts up

* the"friendly creature" sound category: passive mobs as well as Bees, Dolphins, Iron Golems, Llamas, Pandas, Polar Bears, Pufferfish and Wolves
** the "hostile creature" sound category: hostile mobs as well as Endermen, Piglins, Zombified Piglins, Spider and Cave Spider

Subtitles get highlighted in light purple when:
- a hostile or neutral mob is angered, attacks the player, or uses a dangerous ability (Creeper hissing, Pufferfish inflating, Enderman teleporting...)
- a zombie destroys a door, Turtle egg, or infects a Villager
- lightning strikes, TNT fizzes, something explodes
- an anvil or pointed dripstone lands, dripleaf tilts down
- Thorns prick
- a Raid starts

Full spreadsheet detailing all highlighted subtitles.

This pack is compatible with Minecraft 1.13 onwards, up to 1.18.

  • You cannot redistribute this pack as your own without proper modification and/or addition.
  • You cannot restrict access to content that includes assets from this pack.
  • You can distribute your own project containing some of the assets from this pack, as long as it includes proper modifications and/or additions, you give proper credit in the project files and its download page(s), and it is free to use by the community.
  • Any project that includes parts or all of the assets from this pack must contain a credits.txt file with the following text:
Subtitle Color Highlights by Gouchnox: https://www.planetminecraft.com/member/gouchnox/

Tools used:
  • Language files were edited in Notepad++
  • The script that extracted and edited all language files was written in Python

Version v1.2
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.18

2 Update Logs

Update v1.2 : by Gouchnox 11/30/2021 9:44:25 amNov 30th, 2021

  • Pack now fully updated to 1.18! (reference spreadsheet)
  • No subtitle color change, as the 4 subtitles added in 1.18 are all for minor events
  • Removed subtitles for Gaelg, Sicilianu and Oschdallgaiarisch languages; and added subtitles for Lombard, 文言 and Татарча languages according to the 1.18 language changes

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11/29/2022 9:23 am
Level 1 : New System
inkyfate avatar
Genuinely came here to comment something about how it probably only covers one type of colorblindness but wow. This is genuinely amazing. I have a lot of resource packs in my game to make my colorblind life easy but this? This is the best one. Thank you for making it accessible.
11/30/2022 10:28 am
Level 54 : Grandmaster Princess
Gouchnox avatar
Thank you! I did a lot of trial and error to figure out what colour combinations would be clearly legible and easily distinguishable across most kinds of colour-defficient vision. I'm glad this pack can make the game more accessible not just to people with normal vision.
09/15/2022 4:50 amhistory
Level 1 : New Collective
ThePark avatar
I made a updated version for 1.19 for those who are interested in it as much as me, feel free to do whatever.
I also added redstone updates, armor/weapon/projectile/horn usage & block updates as "green"
and burning/item damage, projectile hit & generic player hurt/death/drowning as "red"

I'll do my best in keeping the link up but can't promise :p

Dowload subtitle color highlights 1.19 via drive
07/21/2022 3:46 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
User4226246G avatar
maybe water flow blue, creeper hisses green and so on you get my point. Anyways a great addon!
07/25/2022 8:54 am
Level 54 : Grandmaster Princess
Gouchnox avatar
After a lot of testing, I figured that adding that much colour variety just ended up making subtitles more confusing. 3 colours (default white, green and magenta) seems to be the sweetspot for adding enough contextual information without being overwhelming visually.
A more appropriate way to implement what you're suggesting could be custom icons (such as showing the mob's face next to its name).
01/21/2022 3:59 pm
Level 51 : Grandmaster Architect
Aemyl_ avatar
Can you make potential danger orange and immediate damage red? It's easier to identify with those colours
01/22/2022 8:13 am
Level 54 : Grandmaster Princess
Gouchnox avatar
I made the captions light green and light purple because those colours were the most easily distinguishable and identifiable for most people. I don't really want to have to do multiple versions of the same pack with different colour variations, when the one I landed on is hopefully the optimal solution for a majority of people.
06/18/2021 6:20 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
olivineskies avatar
this is gonna make reading captions so much easier!! tysm!! <3
06/14/2021 7:43 pm
Level 42 : Master System
TheGlichedRobin avatar
And Robin Used this pack for the rest of his life

Lil joke to make fun of the Pmc communitee

BeDrOcK pLeAsE /J /Lh
06/14/2021 6:08 pm
Level 50 : Grandmaster Birb
jqy_ avatar
i absolutely love this idea. is this possible in the .lang file or is this somethign else?
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