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Roleplay Resourcepack - A Medieval Delight.

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Vini8000 avatar Vini8000
Level 49 : Master Pixel Painter
Need some textures for that medieval roleplay server and can't find? WE GOT YOU!

The idea of the pack is eventually have great amount of "roleplay" textures and models to enchance your experience if you use in a server for example, always too remember you need optifine to skins to work and they are only cosmetics.

( More than 100 Itens to Choose! )
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As page open Click in Download on the resourcepack name shows up


Farmer Hat


HELMET:Desert Helmet, Savanna Helmet, Snow Helmet, Swamp Helmet,Armorer Helmet,Holy Knight Helmet, Queen Crown, King Crown, Fletcher Helmet,Librarian Helmet,Shepherd Helmet,Fisherman Helmet, Red Samurai Helmet, Blue Samurai Helmet, Green Samurai Helmet

CHESTPLATE:Desert Chestplate, Jungle Chestplate, Plains Chestplate, Savanna Chestplate, Snow Chestplate, Swamp Chestplate, Taiga Chestplate, Cleric Chestplate, Mason Chestplate, Leatherworker Chestplate, Toolsmith Chestplate, Armorer Chestplate Red Kimono Chest, Blue Kimono Chest, Green Kimono Chest, Holy Knight Chestplate,, Fletcher Chestplate,Librarian Chestplate,Shepherd Chestplate,Fisherman Chestplate,Butcher Chestplate,Red Samurai Chestplate, Blue Samurai Chestplate, Green Samurai Chestplate

LEGGINGS:Desert Leggings, Jungle Leggings, Plains Leggings, Savanna Leggings, Snow Leggings, Swamp Leggings, Taiga Leggings Red Kimono Legs, Blue Kimono Legs, Green Kimono Legs, Holy Knight Leggings,Red Samurai Leggings, Blue Samurai Leggings, Green Samurai Leggings

BOOTS:Desert Boots, Jungle Boots, Plains Boots, Savanna Boots, Snow Boots, Swamp Boots, Taiga Boots Red Kimono Sandals, Blue Kimono Sandals, Green Kimono Sandals, Holy Knight Boots,Red Samurai Boots, Blue Samurai Boots, Green Samurai Boots



Kite Shield, Buckler Shield, Tower Shield,Red Viking Shield, Blue Viking Shield, Green Viking Shield

Crimson Crossbow, Warped Crossbow, Piglin Crossbow, Iron Heavy Crossbow, Golden Heavy Crossbow, Diamond Heavy Crossbow, Netherite Heavy Crossbow

Crimson Bow, Warped Bow, Piglin Bow, Iron Heavy Bow, Golden Heavy Bow, Diamond Heavy Bow, Netherite Heavy Bow, Longbow,Magic Bow

SWORD: Knife, Fork, Battlestaff, Wooden Dagger, Wooden Greatsword, Wooden Rapier,Wooden Lance,Wooden Mace, Wooden Battlehammer, Wooden Hammer, Wooden Katar, Wooden Katana, Wooden Kunai, Wooden Nodachi, Wooden Sai, Wooden Kama, Wooden Tekko, Wooden Naginata, Ebony Ninjato, Wooden Guandao
AXE: Wooden Greataxe
HOE:Wooden Scythe, Wooden Sickle
PICKAXE: Wooden Miner Pickaxe, Wooden Toy Pickaxe

SWORD: Stone Greatsword, Stone Rapier, Chef Knife, Tribal Sword, Blackstone Sword, Flint Knife, Stone Dagger, Stone Mace, Stone Battlehammer, Stone Hammer, Stone Katar,Stone Katana, Stone Kunai, Stone Nodachi, Stone Sai, Stone Kama, Stone Tekko, Stone Naginata, Ebony Ninjato, Stone Guandao
AXE:Tribal Axe, Blackstone Axe
HOE:Stone Scythe, Stone Sickle
PICKAXE:Tribal Pickaxe,Blackstone Pickaxe, Stone Miner Pickaxe, Stone Toy Pickaxe

SWORD: Golden Greatsword, Golden Rapier, Golden Dagger, Royal Sword, Royal Rapier, Royal Greatsword, Royal Dagger, Cutlass,Golden Lance, Royal Lance, Golden Mace, Golden Battlehammer, Golden Hammer, Golden Katar, Golden Tipped Battlestaff, Golden Katana, Golden Kunai, Golden Nodachi, Golden Sai, Golden Kama, Golden Tekko, Golden Naginata, Golden Guandao
SHOVEL: Golden Long Shovel
AXE:Golden Greataxe, Royal Greataxe
HOE:Golden Scythe, Golden Sickle
PICKAXE: Golden Miner Pickaxe, Golden Toy Pickaxe

SWORD: Iron Greatsword, Iron Rapier, Iron Dagger, Royal Sword, Royal Rapier, Royal Greatsword, Royal Dagger, Iron Lance, Royal Lance, Blackstone Greatsword,Tribal Greatsword, Red Jousting Lance, Blue Jousting Lance, Green Jousting Lance, Orange Jousting Lance, Pink Jousting Lance, Purple Jousting Lance, Yellow Jousting Lance, Iron Katar, Meat Hook, Iron Tipped Battlestaff, Iron Katana, Iron Kunai, Iron Nodachi, Iron Sai, Iron Kama, Iron Tekko, Iron Naginata,Ebony Ninjato, Ninjato, Shiv, Iron Guandao, Meat Cleaver
SHOVEL: Iron Long Shovel
AXE:Iron Greataxe, Royal Greataxe, Blackstone Greataxe, Tribal Greataxe
HOE:Iron Scythe, Iron Sickle
PICKAXE: Iron Miner Pickaxe, Iron Toy Pickaxe

SWORD: Diamond Greatsword, Diamond Rapier, Diamond Dagger, Royal Sword, Royal Rapier, Royal Greatsword, Royal Dagger, Diamond Lance, Royal Lance,King Sword, Helix Sword, Bowie Knife, Gaia Broken Dreams, Diamond Mace, Diamond Battlehammer, Diamond Hammer, Diamond Katar, Diamond Tipped Battlestaff,Viking Sword, Viking Greatsword, Diamond Katana, Diamond Kunai, Diamond Nodachi, Diamond Sai, Diamond Kama, Diamond Tekko,Diamond Naginata, Ninjato, Shiv, Diamond Guandao,Excalibur
SHOVEL: Diamond Long Shovel
AXE:Diamond Greataxe, Royal Greataxe,Tyr Will, Viking Battleaxe
HOE:Diamond Scythe, Diamond Sickle
PICKAXE: Diamond Miner Pickaxe, Diamond Toy Pickaxe, Mountain Pickaxe

SWORD: Netherite Greatsword, Netherite Rapier, Netherite Dagger, Royal Sword, Royal Rapier, Royal Greatsword, Royal Dagger, Netherite Lance, Royal Lance, Helix of Wealth, Helix of Dimensions, Piglin Battleaxe, Piglin Greatsword, Gaia Dreams,Netherite Mace, Netherite Battlehammer, Netherite Hammer, Netherite Katar, Mist Demon Sword, Berserk Sword, Netherite Tipped Battlestaff,Amethyst Cutlass, Mad Titan Sword, Viking Sword, Viking Greatsword,Netherite Katana, Netherite Kunai, Netherite Nodachi, Netherite Sai, Netherite Kama, Netherite Tekko, Netherite Naginata, Ninjato, Shiv, Netherite Guandao,Excalibur
SHOVEL: Hero Shovel, Gravedigger, Netherite Long Shovel
AXE:Netherite Greataxe, Royal Greataxe, Executioner Axe, Stormbreaker, Tyr Will, Viking Battleaxe
HOE:Netherite Scythe, Netherite Sickle
PICKAXE: Netherite Miner Pickaxe, Netherite Toy Pickaxe, Mountain Pickaxe
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.18

21 Update Logs

Update #21 : by Vini8000 12/28/2021 11:08:39 pmDec 28th, 2021

-Added Fletcher,Librarian,Fisherman,Shepherd,Butcher Outfit, Samurai Armor ( Red,Blue,Green), King and Queen Crown
Thats it for now guys. The pack is finished for now hope you all have fun
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