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[128x128] FantasyWeapons 1.12.x-1.13.x - GLOBAL UPDATE v0.5: [60%]

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avatar Gondulf_
Level 35 : Artisan Dwarf
Before you read this text, Ι should say you something: It's your choice to read or not. I'm not forcing you, but be aware that below contains information that may be important to you.


If I've released an update, you should check logs of this resourcepack.

For 1.12.x Versions: dl.dropbox.com/s/18qusn8bff9gwwu/FantasyWeapons%201.12.x%20%28v0.46%29.zip?dl=1
For 1.13.x Versions: dl.dropbox.com/s/ri7cvbnywqnz4i9/FantasyWeapons%201.13.x%20%28v0.46%29.zip?dl=1
If I updated the description, do not be lazy - read.

Hello there!

My nickname is Gondulf_, and I'm newbie in resourcepack making, and today i present you my project called:


This resource pack is my collaboration with Theodote/MrBogdanr5000, a good pixelpainter, with whom I still work!

After finding this resourcepack on this site, you may ask:

"How many weapons this resourcepack contains?"

My answer is:

72. 72 Weapons. Beautiful, unique weapons.

After finding some information about this recoursepack, you may also ask:

"What do I need to get these weapons?"

You need to do a few things:

1. Take any sword (Read more in MatchItems Update).

2. Get an anvil, or Infinity Item Editor Mod. (IIE)

3. Rename to any of the names of 72 different weapons (Weapons with FIRE MODE are not counted).

Cosmic Absorbtion; Solar Blade; Rektar; Demonic Katana; Infernal Katana; Neutronium; Archangel; Draconic Staff; Hammerblade; Royal Slicer; Hellbringer; Alkatraz; Gemini; Infernal Mace; Onyx Trident; Steampunk Puncher; Royal Spider; Sun Javelin; Monolith; Egion, the Ghost Angel; Brilliant Crusher; Floristic Catastrophe; Angelic Celestial; Molten Mouth; Pumpkinator; R.I.P-Bringer; Dreadslayer; Horrific Lantern; Vampire Eye; Ruby Chainsaw-Sword; Eye of the Beast;
Unholy Ghost; Meat-Forged Trident; Giftmaker, Inverted Christmas, The Exicutioner of The Cold Flame, Icebraker, Ice Dragon, Ruthless Cold; Arctic Spirit; Ice Candy; Bloody Lich; Glaicer; Frozen Gaia; Frozen Inferno; Frozen Oceanic Judge;
Frozen Perun; Frozen Gale; Undead Pirate; Scream of Blue Sky; Dwarvaric Spear; Infernal Hammer; Ruby Dagger;
Crystalic Angel; Angelic Star; Angel Slicer; The Source of Aether Magic; Aether-Steel Battleaxe;
Infernal Hammer {FIRE MODE}; Infernal Katana {FIRE MODE}; Fire Punishment; Demonic-Fire Tongue; Demonio; Magma Tooth;
Infernus Magmus; Dragonfire; Electromagic Keeper; The Cursed One; Shard of Light Prism; Totem of The Sea; Acolyte of Nature;
A Piece of Zephyr.

The names above are the names of the weapons, obviously.

After checking out the names of the weapons, you may also ask:

"How do they look?"

- I do not show all the weapons, so as not to spoil the impression of those who download my resource pack.

An example of simple questions:

Q: "Will you port this resourcepack to 1.14?"

Me: We are waiting for 1.14.x versions to be released, and then the opfitine versions for 1.14.x.

Q: "Will you update this resourcepack in the future?"

Me: "Yes, and Global Update will be soon."

Q: "What's resolution of this resourcepack?"

Me: "128x128 pixels."

Q: "Will you support the 1.12.x versions, when 1.14.x versions will be released?"

Me: "That's a good question. Umm.. I don't know, maybe we will support 1.12.x versions after 1.14.x versions"

Q: "Will you make the 3D Models of those weapons?"

Me: "That's a good question too. I thinked about it, and after Global Update, we are trying to make something like 3D Weapons."

If you want to ask a any question, write it in the comments below.
Progress60% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.12.2

46 Update Logs

Progress of GLOBAL UPDATE v0.5 : 06/12/2019 8:54:25 amJun 12th

Progress: 60%


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03/06/2019 1:38 pm
Level 35 : Artisan Dwarf
This is good question. I thinked about that idea, and i try to release after Global Update (read more in logs).

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