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The build categories don't seem to be too good. Some I can't understand the purpose of and others seem pointless, or too specific to be a category by themselves, and certain areas of building seem to be missing. So, I think some changes should be made, some categories removed and some added to fill in their place, plus some name changes.

These should be removed:
- Minecart
- Music
- Nether Structure
- Underground Structure
- Pixel Art (It isn't even allowed anymore, why is it still a category?)
- Land structure (The idea is that there are more categories of land structures and land structures that don't fit into other categories would go under "Other")

Minecart and Nether structure can fit under "other", and piston and music can go under "redstone device"

These should be added:
- Modern
- Victorian/Gothic (And any architecture from around time period)
- Medieval/Fantasy (Not the same thing exactly, but the style is pretty similar)
- Hubs/Lobbies (and any other server maps, like bedwar's or skywar's maps.)
- Vehicles (Trains, cars, and all the other vehicles)

Name Changes:
- "Air structure" to "Flying Vehicles/Planes"
- "Water Structure" to "Ships"

Since most air structures are some type of flying vehicle, and almost all water structures are ships, it would make sense to change the name to what is there.

Also, I'm not sure what the purpose of "Complex" and "Educational" are, so if anyone who knows could tell me, that would be really helpful.

And, another cool feature if this were added would be a small guide and description of all the build categories in the rules, with a link to it in the build submission area, so that people can understand where their build should go.

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said 2018-01-18 09:27:08
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Agree, categories need to be updated! Thanks for taking time to think about what should be added/removed/renamed. Will consider your suggestions even closer when we update them.
LightlySaltedBuilder said 2017-12-25 19:50:27
They aren't all vehicles and planes,but if it's a temple then it would go under fantasy or other, likewise for non-ship water structures. Even if not all of them are, most of them are, and those that aren't could be moved to another section.
Azie said 2017-12-25 19:12:30
Pixel Art is still a section because of the older submissions posted in the category before the rule against that was implemented. There's occasionally talk about hiding the option to create submissions in that category, but I don't know when or if that will be implemented.

As for distinguishing between build styles in categories, I think that would convolute them quite a bit. Tags can be used to describe builds in the same way without creating a bunch of additional categories.

Your suggested name changes are also problematic because air structures aren't just vehicles and planes. There's also the possibility of floating homes/temples/etc. that come into play there. The same goes for water structures. They aren't all ships.
said 2017-12-25 18:50:29
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said 2017-12-25 18:47:09
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