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A few months ago, I've noticed that Planet Minecraft's site layout started changing. Note, I'm absolutely fine with change and adding these new features slowly one by one is okay, but some people just don't prefer the newer layout. As humans, we try not to complain about change, but we do it in our conscience even if we didn't want to because we compare things to new stimuli all the time. This is why I'm presenting a nice request for the next site update called "The Layout Changer." Like the Time Machine on PMC's "Explore" button, this lets you choose the layout of the site, and it's great for bringing back those who love the nostalgia of the old layout. PMC is almost hitting it's 10th anniversary (2020), so why not have an update that permanently lets you switch the layout on your personal computer? Note, the layout changer only affects your account (meaning it gives those who haven't signed up an incentive to join PMC) and those that are just guests will have the new layout at their fingertips. I've only saved what was left of the old layout, and these are two examples of the layout you can choose from as shown from these two pictures (the blog submissions page are shown here):

Old (Ended on March 2018):

New (As of March 2018):

If there are any older layouts, please let me know because I'm too lazy to check the Wayback Machine at the moment. For now, I hope you guys like this idea and I'll be awaiting your responses!

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Custom site themes are planned.
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