10 Things: Minecraft Should have! Mechanics Wise

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avatar TwilightWarlord
Level 46 : Master Wolf Whisperer
Hi all,
This is my blog on what would make minecraft better for me mechanically

1. Being able to use HD Skins, and let everyone see them
What i mean is that i made a really cool Skin that was hd that i cant use :(
I wish there was support because i dont like how large the lips and eyebrows are :/

2. Faster Engines!
Seriously, i would love it if MC was faster, i only run at something like 50fps and would love 100fps

3. Easy mod installing
I use MCPatcher and it isnt the most reliable mod installer, i would be better if there was a provided one

4. MinecraftRealms
I think Minecraft Realms should be free, i mean you can ONLY have 1-5 ppl or 1-4 so why should we pay $10-20
a month when other hosts you can have 20slots+ for $5 and even lower

5. Bow and arrows
I think bow and arrows and a weapon are neglected, they do low damage and an iron sword does more damage.
Maybe more variables? I mean i was on a server with a good bow (Max power enchant, fire) and it only did 1/2 heart do a diamond gear warrior :(

6. Swimming
IF swimming was a tad faster going UP

7. More structures
It gets lonely in MC when you have explored allot of your world and even the villagers aren't good company
IT would be nice to have more places to explore and also more NPC's
and maybe a heaven dimension?

8. Breathing Masks
Something to help you breath and/or see underwater

9. The ropes+ mod would be a nice addition to vanilla minecraft

10. Special Weapons
Weapons that would let you do magical things, like thunder strikes >:D

Thanks for reading this blog, if you have the time and you liked it
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06/23/2013 6:12 am
Level 20 : Expert Mountaineer
Mine Of The Craft
BTW if you are running anything over 60 fps it does not matter because the screen only updates 60 times a second. Nice blog
06/24/2013 1:36 am
Level 46 : Master Wolf Whisperer
ty :)
I just worry at 50 fps xD
ITs mainly because at classic i ran at 1000fps no joke
06/23/2013 4:28 am
Level 2 : Apprentice Mage
Nice ideas, although,Ã

2. Get a better computer :P
3. The new mod API is coming out (hopefully) soon, which will make it lots easier for modders and the ones installing them.
8. You can enchant your helmet to get "Aqua Affinity", which makes you hold your breath longer underwater, and to get clear water you can just install optifine and select "clear water: on" in the menu :D

Just pointing that out. Again, you have some really interesting ideas!
06/23/2013 4:46 am
Level 46 : Master Wolf Whisperer
what i meant is mainly chunk loading lags for me
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