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The 1.6 Launcher Sucks!

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zeepy633's Avatar zeepy633
Level 33 : Artisan Pokemon
So I installed the update and so far I like most of it except the launcher. So the new launcher in my eyes sucks. You can't force update your jar if you want to uninstall the mod anymore so that sucks. . And you have to do a bunch of confusing stuff to install mod snow that's supposed to be easier but it's so complicated. So anyways I think the new update is ok but the launcher sucks. So too me this new launcher was just more of a good o'l If it Aint Broke Don't Fix it kinda thing.

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Update #1 : by zeepy633 07/01/2013 5:13:38 pmJul 1st, 2013

I explained more of what I really meant

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01/30/2017 12:49 pm
Level 1 : New Network
McSpartansWill's Avatar
08/25/2013 7:33 pm
Level 8 : Apprentice Architect
FriedPuppy's Avatar
Butthurt, anybody? Oh, and alexljn5, watch your mouth. Kids come on here. The new launcher isn't all that bad. I spend about 5 seconds on the launcher, waiting for it to load, or 2 minutes choosing a version to timetravel to. I don't give a damn about the launcher. I care more about the actual game then the launcher. tl;dr: Launcher = W.I.P
08/25/2013 7:35 pm
Level 8 : Apprentice Architect
FriedPuppy's Avatar
Second of all, use the official recommended Forge installer if you want mods. Want some ice for that burn?
08/08/2013 10:24 am
Level 18 : Journeyman Miner
alexljn5's Avatar
i miss the old launcher and i hate the new one because i want to make a modpack test but now i fucking cant. (and its ugly)
07/28/2013 12:32 pm
Level 9 : Apprentice Network
P0stalOffice's Avatar
07/02/2013 4:32 pm
Level 12 : Journeyman Explorer
OtisRiedel's Avatar
I hate the carpet. you can't but anything on top of it. it's pointless. it's basically a broken pressure plate.
07/02/2013 12:37 pm
Level 11 : Journeyman Network
HappyLine's Avatar
The only reason why I dont like the 1.6 is because I had to redownload a new launcher.
07/02/2013 11:44 am
Level 1 : New Miner
olimaster577's Avatar
I like to play hexxit (tekkit modpack), mcwar, and a whole bunch of really cool servers. I also like to install mods like most of you. The 1.Shit update took all of my hard earned shit, and threw it across the floor. I mean, it's not all bad; the horses, new blocks, and random weapon upgrades, it's all pretty cool. But That's ALL that there is (excuse me, some newà villagerà sounds, whoop de fuckin doo). And fucking up almost all of the servers? that makes me infuriated. I say, fuck this version. But it's too late to change anything, all of my shit is gone in multiplayer, and this update does shit.
07/01/2013 11:13 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
KenKen In The Koop
KenKen In The Koop's Avatar
I think the launcher sucks too, whenever I press the play button, it always says a fatal error happened. Da hell is that? My computer is fine, I got one last week!
07/01/2013 5:33 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Garet897's Avatar
The launcher is awful. Minecraft has become boring for me. So I use mods to make it better. Now its hard to install them. I like the update in general. In fact its the best update so far. But the launcher just plain ruins it for me. And whats up with "renaming" texturepacks resourcepacks? whats the point of that.
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