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20 tips on how not to get raided (Factions)


How not to get raided.

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This list is not for chaos server players because those servers offer no protection from hackers that can bypass a lot of things.

1) DON'T build your base near spawn, instead travel at least 1000 blocks away in both the x and z cords.
2) DON'T mock or instigate people so they don't have a reason to search for you.
3) DO try to make friends, but don't seem desperate.
4) DON'T rage if someone enemies you, that may start a chain reaction of people going to enemy your faction.
5) DO recruit people, not complete noobs though, pay attention to who is trust worthy and who isn't through chat.
6) DO make a base out of obsidian.
7) DO make a base covered by at least 2 layers of water.
8) DON'T make just 1 layer of water because there are multiple ways to get through that.
9) DO try to make friends with admins, lets face it 75% of server admins give stuff out/tp people out/make bases when they aren't supposed to.
10) DON'T tp people inside or near your base,,,EVER, this includes allies.
11) DO make rules for your faction to follow, not too crazy, so they know your guidelines.
12) DO make a skybase, it is much harder to try and raid than other bases.
13) DON'T make buildings in plain sight above ground, it tells others a base is near.
14) DO make a base deep underground so that bedrock is the floor, that deep makes it so people can't see names.
15) DO help others raid people, it lets others know your up for a fight but also that you have powerful friends.
16) DON'T pvp log, it will most likely send the person about to kill you on a man hunt for the items he would have got if you died.
17) DON'T mess with known hackers,,,should be obvious..
18) DO make sure if someone does come you have the right gear to protect yourself.
19) DO add your faction members on skype/exchange numbers/teamspeak/(anyother thing in this category) so you guys can stay up to date on what is happening with your faction.
20) Do try to be a neutral player, dont side with people to often in arguments/DON'T rage in chat. This will make it so no one has a reason to target you for their next raid.

I will add more if enough people like it( favorite,Sub,Diamond,Comment/view), if not then i will just leave it at #20.
Im also made a "20 tips on how to raid" and a "how to become feared" tutorial.

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Legend it's Shooter, wassup.
whats up dude! gunna be starting a new server in a few days i will tell you ip soon!
Thanks XD I'm going to continue this list
  • Stryker70
  • Level 1
  • New Miner
  • August 15, 2012, 3:25 pm
I already knew these tips, but I subscribed to you anyway, because you might post something that I don't know.
I already knew all these because i've been on the same server since 1.8 beta bot it could be helpful to some people
  • Haasman29
  • Level 26
  • Expert Pixel Puncher
  • August 12, 2012, 12:13 pm
Nice tips.
Check out my other one i just posted on how to raid people.
Thanks i appreciate it XD

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