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3 Steps to get More Views on PMC

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avatar mattman53
Level 43 : Master Miner
3 Steps to get More Views on PMC

1.Minecraft is a very creative game, but what does this have to do with anything? It's all to do with the brain. The right side of the brain the side which includes things such as creativity, imagination and observations, and the left side of the brain is the side which includes things such as calculations, strategies and words. As Minecraft is a game that dominantly uses the right side of the brain, most people that play Minecraft are dominant in the right side of their brain. So, If you want to grab someones attention to view your upload, use as many pictures as possible (as this is more right brained). Only use the "Description" if needed. Rules, requires Modloader etc.

2. Make your description look and sound good. Add colour to make your viewers more happy and invited by making things bold. Also add a little humour.
Which looks better:

Go through different biomes to find a golden crown

Or this?
Fight your way through masses of mobs on the ultimate quest given to you by the King Testificate III. You have been given a blood thirsty mission, bound for death! Fight your way through the bed of the jungle floor, plough your way through 10 inch snow and withstand the scalding heat of the sun as you venture on your quest to find the Golden Crown.

3. Make the upload worth viewing. Your target group is the users of PMC! Ask what they want and take requests. (Also put effort in! If you don't put effort in, neither will others).
If it is a skin, make the base and work around it. Add different clothes, colours and shading. Make different versions, Spaceman Sam, King Sam, Scuba Sam, Survivor Sam, Knight Sam. EASY!
If it is a map make a part 2, include a new objective, different characters, side missions.
If it is a texture pack include different themes, jungle, realism, simplistic, other planets, "Minecraft after a Nuke", Asian. There's loads!
If it is a mod take requests! There are hundreds of users that have mod ideas that can't mod themselves, they just don't know who to ask! It can be a simple one, like craftable Moss Stone, or a new mob. Just ask around.

Hope this helped to get you a few more views!
Please give a diamond if you like it.
20 DIAMONDS or 300 views and I will make another "3 Steps to get More Views on PMC."

01/12/2015 7:29 am
Level 4 : Apprentice Artist
Smart, lol. Thanks for the "advice". ;P
08/07/2012 10:28 pm
Level 52 : Grandmaster Batman
thx and could you check out my blogs and if you like sub thx.
08/03/2012 11:38 am
Level 24 : Expert Skinner
thnx :)
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