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A Beginners Guide -Episode 1- TEKKIT

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Hi Guys This Is Cid-Highwind-249 Bringing you an opening episode to my new blog series of beginners guides to Minecraft and mod-packs for Minecraft!
Here is episode one which is a starting tutorial on how to begin playing tekkit!
Okay so first things first, make sure you're using the technic launcher and not trying to install all the mods on your Minecraft.jar, then generate a new world, as of lately the Tekkit mod-pack is set in Minecraft 1.2.5 as mods are EXTREMELY hard to adapt to 1.3 when they're as big as the Tekkit mods.
When you generate a new world, first thing's first, get some wood, build a SMALL house like usual and go mining, underground you'll find an abundance of ore ranging from sapphires to copper.
Here's a list of every ore in Tekkit
Copper, tin, iron, gold, diamond, coal, silver, nikolite, redstone, lapis lazuli, emerald, sapphire and ruby.
If i have missed any i apologise.
Okay so first thing is first, Get some coal, copper and make sure you have enough wood for excess crafting benches and sticks, then get as much iron as possible as you'll need an iron pick for most ores in tekkit but make sure you have at least a whole stack available in the beginning, it may be time consuming but this is the easiest way to begin Tekkit. You will also NEED redstone, it is VERY USEFUL in Tekkit. (OPTIONAL Task) Get Sapphire ruby or emeralds for tools, they're as good as diamond but with less uses and cannot mine obsidian, which you choose does not affect anything else in-game other than the colour of your tools.
Then go up to the surface and smelt all your iron and copper but re-smelt HALF of your new iron ingots to make enough refined iron for a few machine blocks and electronic circuits. for the next task you should make a tree tap, the recipe for it is available in the NEI Gui when you open your Inventory.
Then go out and look for a rubber tree, they have the same leaf colour as birch trees but the colour of the wood is a pale grey. when you find one right click on a yellow dot on the tree to recieve sticky resin. then cut down the tree and scavenge the saplings for mass production.
The first Tekkit machine you should make is a macerator, this is one of the many reasons why you need sticky resin and rubber trees. to make actual rubber you smelt the sticky resin as previously mentioned in a furnace. you can make copper wires with rubber and copper ingots after both are smelted into the correct ingredient. another handy little invention you can create with rubber is rubber boots which highly decrease falling damage. they are made like normal boots but with rubber. anyway, what you'll need for a macerator is around 6-9 copper wires, copper ingots, refined iron ingots, an electronic circuit and machine blocks.
Machine blocks are made like a block of iron but with refined iron in a crafting bench,
copper wires are made in a crafting bench as well with the top and bottom rows filled with copper ingots and the center row filled with rubber, this makes 6 copper wires.
Another two things you'll need for a macerator is 3 flint and two cobblestone.
The final thing needed for a macerator is an electronic circuit.
To make an electronic circuit you'll need the copper wires listed above,
You will need two redstone,
And finally, one refined iron ingot.
The recipe for an electronic circuit is: the copper wires on the top and bottom layers of a crafting bench, two redstone in the center layer on the left and right squares and a refined iron ingot in the centre square, this makes ONE electronic circuit.
To make the macerator all you need to do is place the electronic circuit in the center of the bottom layer in a crafting bench, 3 flint in the top layer and two cobble stone on either side of a machine block in the centre layer.
What a macerator does is smelt ore blocks into dust of that particular ore and when that dust is smelted creates 2 ingots per dust which successfully DOUBLES your ore intake. To wire it up correctly just place a macerator and make a wooden pipe which requires two wooden planks and one glass in a crafting bench and place it on the right side of the macerator, then make cobblestone pipes which are made the same as wooden pipes but with cobble instead of wooden planks leading to a seperate furnace to re-smelt the dust into 2 ingots, then place one more wooden pipe leading from the right side of the furnace into another string of cobblestone pipes that plug into a chest. to make the wooden pipes work they will need a redstone engine which requires two wooden gears, a piston, 1 glass and 3 wooden planks. place it with the blue pump facing the wooden pipe, you will need sseveral redstone englines. to activate the engines you can either use a redstone torch or a lever.
That's it for today and i hope you all enjoyed this tutorial! :D

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Thanks :D Diamond for You
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