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A Blue Feeling

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Nitgo avatar Nitgo
Level 69 : High Grandmaster Sus
What does Blue make you feel?

A Blue Start
A Blue Feeling

A person's first feeling is mostly an Uneasy feeling, a feeling that something is missing, a feeling of hunger.... It's interesting that a person feels that when said person is born, it suggests that the first feeling a person has is being scared of starving.... But have you wondered why our emotions become more complex over time even though the 2 feelings we start with is being scared, and happy? Well being scared is a pretty interesting thing, cuz being scared is just there for when you need support when first introduced in the world, and happy is when said support is received. Simple? Don't worry, we get way more complicated over time.

More complex?
A Blue Feeling

As said person grows that person starts getting more feelings such as discussed, sad, and empathy. When a baby grows it connects with anyone that helps the baby, discussed is simple; it's when said a youngling doesn't want something because it just doesn't appeal to said baby, and lastly it's sadness, it starts simply when said youngling does something wrong, and they feel guilty about it. But let's skip to the more complicated adult, and adult sure has a mess ton of strange emotions... But no matter the currant emotion said adult feels, sadness will always come. Let's see how....

A Blue Zone
A Blue Feeling

In a strange way we can't help, but sometimes feel a type of neutral sadness. A type of sadness that's the bases of every emotion... You're probably wondering what is it, well you can't show emotion, but here is some examples;
  • Sitting down, and working for hours, then having a moment of silence just looking at the screen, and having wonderess ideas coming to mind.
  • Listening to calm music while it rains outside.
  • wondering to yourself ideas that are out of your lead.
  • Or just not knowing what to do, which could lead to depression.
It's interesting to have that emotion as a base emotion, it feels.... well strange. But over all if you are sitting in a crowd of people it is less likely for you to feel such emotion, even if the crowd doesn't interact with you, but what about the crowd? What does the crowd feel about you? Does the crowd see you as a target full of emotions, or is a crowd a meaningless group of humans just there to fill the gaps?

Many Colours in the street.

Others, how do others differ from you? Well firstly let's talk about how they feel about you. Do they judge everything that you do? Every move is recorded in their brains? Well no, not everyone that passes by judges you, or barely remembers you [​That's if said crowd don't see you everyday], well you could be surprised, but think about it this way; when you walk down a busy street it rarely happens that you get interested in many of the people on the street, but despite that many of the people on that busy street serve a purpose, somehow we are all connected, you could even say that it's a "wireless" connection, but puns aside we all have emotions as complex as any other person, but what about animals? Do they have feelings too? Or are there feelings simulated just so they can get our protection, or do they have no other choice, but to have emotions towards us? It's pretty hard to tell, but in the meantime here are some interesting Gifs I found online to keep you entertained!

A Blue Story :)

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10/27/2019 1:10 pm
Level 10 : Journeyman Toast
INeedSomeTexture avatar
Blue makes me cry myself to sleep. it is the color of my tears and the color of my ceiling I stare blankly out with my eyes full of tears every night.
10/27/2019 3:04 pm
Level 69 : High Grandmaster Sus
Nitgo avatar
That seems too much for my tear-y eyes to handle, take this pumpkin to calm down.... I couldn't find cookies in Halloween, there only sold in X-Mas.
09/17/2019 4:48 pm
Level 15 : Journeyman Skinner
clairesaige avatar
Blue makes me feel calm, sort of like when you just stare into the night sky. It also depends on the shade.
08/22/2019 9:38 am
Level 46 : Master Button Pusher
MrSleeve avatar
Blue makes me feel pretty much every emotion to be honest! It comforts me when needed, it makes me feel welcome, I mean blue is a rather cold color but I think that makes it pretty interesting since I think light for example is needed to see color you know, and light usually is associated with warmth because the sun is warm, a light bulb gets warm when turned on and so on... but a blue light is something more interesting since it's light but yet cold, in terms of color and feelings I get, obviously not in technical terms! But I really dig how dark scenes in movies, how the moon and night in general is always being made with blue light! The same in the drawing world, shadows and night scenes are always blue tinted! And I really like nighttime and darkness so blue always makes me feel comfortable! But lets suppose we're not in a night scene, well then its the sky that is blue during the day! It's a color that's always present! And it always makes me feel very special! Blue is that one color that makes me live in the present! In everyday life we focus on past experiences and future worries but we tend to forget we're living in that very moment and we should put our focus on exactly that, and blue makes me super aware of where I am in this very moment, it gives me a brief moment of feeling that time stopped and I'm very clear about life, death, existence itself and it makes me think a lot! Makes me think about myself! How I fit in into this puzzle of life! Why and where and who am I and it makes me melancholic but yet peaceful as if I was in balance with myself because I am aware of what is happening and that I know when thinking about a lot of stuff it makes me sad because I'm not happy about certain things in my life .... yea so basically thats blue for me :D
08/21/2019 2:22 pm
Level 35 : Artisan Waffle
AsrielDreemurr0 avatar
it actually makes me feel happy, yet sad at the same time cause it makes me think alot
08/21/2019 2:25 pm
Level 69 : High Grandmaster Sus
Nitgo avatar
Nice, it's really important to me that people tell me there opinion, even if it's a bad one!
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