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(To This Day) {Must Watch!} A Inspirational Blog About Overcoming Your Problems

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avatar lilpsyco99
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Take all the bad things about you, your fears, your weakness', your horrors, your dislikes about yourself, your regrets, and imagine they are across the room from you. Its to ugly to be you, Its to terrible to be you, and its to horrid to be you. Although this is a little deep and horrible. I want all of you to take a look at the "creature" across from you and ask yourself this. Are you happy with it? Are you happy with your life? Now depending on what your answers are think about changing it, i'm not going to lie and say its easy to change it. As its not trust me its a lot harder then you might think. But it is possible! I've seen and done it myself. Most of the"hardness" in this change is because some of us don't want to try! Try and you can succeed in anything you try to do. Now i'm not going to put false hope in your head, when I say you can succeed in anything you can do I mean it in the mind that your going to work for it. Maybe your change is to play football better? or to lose weight? anything, reach for it! I'm not saying this to insult you or to make you feel bad about yourself. I'm saying this in the hope that it will give you inspiration in your goals, to let you know you aren't the only one struggling with difficulties. Me? I have anger problems, OCD, I'm flunking my classes, I am on the verge of getting kicked out of all my extra curriculum activities, and on top of that my girlfriend is constantly mad (she deals with anger problems same as me), and all of these things mean the world to me. But i'm starting to bring up my grades and so far i'm doing better. I've also even been helping my girlfriend with her anger problems. Although I have these problems I am happy with my life and wouldn't trade it for anything. I'm blessed to have the life I have and the beautiful girl I have to call mine. I hope this helps anyone who's been going through problems, I hope that it shows you that your not the only one that's been having problems. If you are feel, free to ask for any help I may be able to provide. Its' a lot easier to talk to someone who's been through the same thing. I'm still struggling myself but I'm getting over it. Ok, well guess that's it I'm out.

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Update #1 : 03/25/2013 11:34:22 pmMar 25th, 2013

Added To This Day video...MUST WATCH! :')

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