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All Plains Zombie Villager *Statues* [Minecraft: Java Edition]

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Level 35 : Artisan Zombie
What?! All Plains Zombie Villager statues on one platform? Hmm! Never thought of doing all of the Zombie Villagers on Minecraft: Java Edition. Never of thought of making all 14 Zombie Villagers on Java Edition or even on Bedrock Edition or even Windows 10 Edition. The link to the Reddit page will be posted.

All Plains Zombie Villager *Statues* [​Reddit]:


Let me know what y’all think of this article about all of the Plains Zombie Villager *Statues* on Reddit.


This is not my Reddit because I don’t usually stay on there (at all) because I’ll never be on Reddit because it’ll be a rare occasion that I’ll ever do that.

The link to the user on Reddit will be posted down below.



However I did not make none of those Zombie Villager *Statues*. And however I do not have Minecraft: Java Edition like most of y’all do apart from Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition

Java Edition Zombie Villagers | Plains

1. Unemployed Zombie

2. Armorer Zombie

3. Butcher Zombie

4. Cartographer Zombie

5. Cleric Zombie

6. Farmer Zombie

7. Fisherman Zombie

8. Fletcher Zombie

9. Leatherworker Zombie

10. Librarian Zombie

11. Mason (Java Edition only)

12. Nitwit Zombie

13. Shepherd Zombie

14. Toolsmith Zombie

15. Weapon Smith Zombie

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Update #1 : by _plushdino_28 05/26/2022 4:20:56 amMay 26th

Added a list of all the Java Edition *Zombie Villagers* to the description.

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