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Sample Design of Artistic Armor

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avatar ihateasparagus
Level 18 : Journeyman Toast
Ever wanted a more unique and fun way to express your art skills in Minecraft?

Artist armor would feature an in-game designing GUI - much like the crafting table! Much like the anvil, you would be able to craft certain patterns, shapes, and pictures in to your armor for the cost of XP - which would allow the user to design their best armors!

Benefits of Artistic Armor

- For one, artistic armor would allow people to express their creative ideas in a whole new way! Much like capes and flags, armor would be the newest addition to the free-design family! The armor itself would not be changed in any way stat-wise, but it would be able to incorporate designs in to the armor. Not only that, but this would come in handy on many faction servers! Armor with the same patterns would show that a group of players are in the same factions, and make faction building a lot more organized and fun! This goes even further - as on many RPG servers you can be given a certain type of armor with engraved symbols in it to show what kind of armor the user has. This would allow god kits, and OP armor to be separated from one another by the use of different symbols.

What would need to happen for this to be possible?

- Well along with the idea of having shapes and symbols incorporated in to all sets of armor, you would need to have either a GUI or a new crafting block in order to craft the symbols in to the armor. Thats where I got the idea that the armor stand or anvil could have new uses. These two blocks could be used (preferably the armor stand) to craft patterns and shapes in to the armor. That way you can personalize individual pieces, as well as different pieces - along with the fact that you can hang your armor on it and show off the cool designs. If these two blocks werent used for artistic armor, then there could be talk of the design of a new block that would allow the designing of armor, even though it would be easier to add new actions to either the anvil or the armor stand.

How would we prevent people from making inappropriate designs?

It would be very hard to have a system that allows for free design from the player and not have inappropriate designs. However, this could be fixed if Minecraft had a set number of designs (armor design schematics) that the player could choose from. Much like mods such as Tinkers Construct, there are pre-built pickaxe heads, shafts, and bindings. This would translate to Armor by the incorporation of armor schematics, or pattern designs. To allow for a bit of creativity, the user could choose from a variety of colors and patterns to perk out their desired shape.

*This is the end of my idea. I hope you guys like it. I took a bit of inspiration from Tinkers Construct Mod, but my idea is very genuine and original. Thanks for all your support and hope you like the idea!

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