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Base Suggestions

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It depends if you're playing on survival or creative.
If you're playing on survival, I suggest going to find the largest mountain you can, and digging a hole in it. Eventually, when you come up with enough materials, create glass and some torches and other blocks and I guess you're set to start building other things. Mind you, it's much easier if you're playing on creative.

If you're playing on creative, make sure to have shops, some kind of tower, mobspawners, a wheat farm, a green house, a place to keep pigs, a place to keep cows, a chicken cooker, and a place to keep sheep - usually I like to dye the wool of my sheep into the various colors, haha. also, it's important to have a nether portal and a base in the nether, that way you can fight other types of monsters like ghasts and such. If you've updated, make sure to have ender chests with weapons in them, so that you can grab a weapon if needed.
Usually what I do when I make a base, is do everything that I listed above, as well as make a 'market', where I can trade with the villagers, a flowing river, some minecart stations to make travelling around my base easier, a boat launcher, a place where I can fight mobs, a temple of some sort, a forest so that I can collect cocoa beans, a pasture for my animals, a glass dome underwater with a village or a resting house in it, floating islands, fishing pond, fountain, waterfall, lighthouse etc. I also like to find a nearby cave, and dig my way to my base, that way I have somewhere to go if I feel like being adventurous. I also enjoy using the redstone lamps to make a flickering floor, like a disco room. I don't like using doors, so I also usually make doors with redstone, it makes the doors seem more secretive. I also make a vault, where I store multiple chests with my emeralds in it, that way if I ever need some, I can go and get them, doing all of this is especailly easy if you have the mod 'toomanyitems'. When I'm done my base, I shut my creative off and start playing through the actual game. If you don't have toomanyitems, and you're updated & want to change your game mode, type /gamemode survival <player> , whatever your user name is.

Also, if you've updated, using trip wire is effective like pressure plates and buttons for doors.
Another thing, building a sand mountain on top of a giant hole would be impossible because sand falls down now in the newer updates, if you're placing sand on air, it will fall. However, that would be a neat idea as well, if you have an old enough version.

I hope this helped you come up with some ideas for your base. :D

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08/22/2013 5:29 am
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wow nice article!
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