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Beginning minecraft

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avatar arKanSMC
Level 21 : Expert Engineer
In the beginning a god named notch was made a dark place very dark

13 billion years ago The Blocky Bang
The blocky bang has made our space born some Star Dust.
First life on space.

11,8 billion years ago First Generation
After forming a new life star has made a pattern named galaxies.
Stars formed new galaxies The Moddy Way its our galaxies.
Ubernova explosion its not a new thing its happen when star empty
a helium and oxygen or we called fuel.

4,6 billion years ago The Spawner System
Cloud on solar system start harder to meteoroid become crashed eachother.
And born a new planet and our planet, minecraft.
When earth form planets sized like mars crashed and produce
material to sky, formed sattelite we called the moon.

4.5 billion years ago Late Heavy Biome Generation
After crashing with other planet Minecraft become cooler and get hit by
Meteoroid carry some material like oxygen, hydrogen, etc.
Atmosphere has form its start habitiated.

4.5-3.8 billion years ago Pre-release/Pre-classic Period
And the first water has born wipe out some land and make the ocean.
Biome start generate now.
DNAI has developed an important material for life.
First life has born named mineosis was the first bacteria.

542-488 million years ago Release/Classic Period
ocean life has born like triloblock a dangerous mob.

443-416 million years ago InDev Period
now a first plant, oak has grown make this place green.
Also the atmosphere has coolers than before.
Entitylution of life in earth its going so far the first reptile born.

251-200 million years ago Alpha Period
now life has growing make a new thing.
New life or we called dynasours.
Chunk start moved makes a new chunk or superchunk we called chunk drift.

145-39 million years ago Beta Period.
on 65 million years ago its event we called Mass Extinction Glitch who
Take over life, Mass Extinction Glitch its event when big meteoroid.
crashed our earth.
55,55 million years ago First Creeper, Creeper its greatest mobs in
minecraft its wrong coded pig mobs.

23 million years ago-Today Development Period
Life started normal, and the first steves was created.
100,000 BC its time a friend called villager born, colonies with other
and started construct villages.
980 steve start make her own skin to differentiate with other.
1100 some colony of villager construct Strongholds.
1800 Restone Power technologies were found its the best technology when found.
1900 we started making computer its very big many red stone
contraption in inside that make big thing.
2010 villagers AII start more smart, start make new design building.

it only fiction i will make update version tho from only cobblestone and grass block to today
and all stories i pick from how to space born and changed some name to minecraft name

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08/12/2019 7:39 pm
Level 21 : Expert Engineer
im not infdev causes i see on infdev improvement it just entitylution mob

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