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Biome Building

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Hamsterman543's Avatar Hamsterman543
Level 18 : Journeyman Princess
Hey everyone! What are good kinds of terrain to build on? And what are some pros and cons to building in certain biomes? I'm going to talk about what you can build on certain biomes, and some tips for each biome.

Lets start out with mountains. Mountains are probably the 2nd hardest terrain to build on. They are cool looking, but the terrain is so uneven! If you are planning to build some sort of a village, mountains are probably not the best biome to build it on. Mountains are good for towers, underground buildings, and sky buildings. You could also build castles there, but you would have to find a flat spot.

Next, lets talk about swamps. Swamps are great for building houses, villages, cities, and pretty much everything else. They are pretty flat, which makes them good for building spread-out things. Yes, it may take a while to clear out the trees, and there's lots of water which could be hard to avoid. Swamps can either be great, or terrible for building. If you can find one that is mostly land, its great. But a lot of swamps are filled with water, which isn't good for building.

Also, there's plains. This is probably the BEST biome for building almost anything. They aren't the best looking biome, but if you need flat land that doesn't require a lot of landscaping, plains is a great choice. If you are thinking of building a town, castle, house, or just about anything else, you should think about building in a plain. But there is one problem to plains. Plains are very, very plain. If you want an awesome landscape, don't choose a plain.

Now lets talk about forests and taigas. This is the place you want to go when you start out. It has wood, animals, water, and lots more. What makes it great for building is all the wood. If you want to build a huge wood mansion, make it in a forest/taigas. If you are looking to build anything with wood, go to a forest/taigas.

Don't forget about the barren desert. Deserts are like plains, but with SAND! No you will not find beaches here, but you will find SAND! And CACTUS! But...no...water...or.....food. Deserts are probably the worst place to go when you start out, but they can be very good for building. They are flat just like plains, and they are full of SAND for GLASS. If you are thinking of building something that requires lots of glass, you should think about building in or near a desert.

Plus, there's the mighty jungle. This is the HARDEST terrain to build on. You will not find towns, castles, mansions, or anything that is big in a jungle. The land has uneven hills, massive trees, billions of leaves, and lots of water. This isn't the best place to build anything big, but it is good for tree-houses. Also, if you need to camouflage something(like make a hidden house) jungles provide lots of leaves to cover it up.

Yes there is more biomes, but these are common biomes. Hope this helped!

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11/19/2012 2:42 pm
Level 18 : Journeyman Princess
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11/17/2012 4:38 pm
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