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Building a Mech: A Tutorial

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Dear, fellow Minecrafters.

There are many challenges one must face when building something new, something big. A mecha for example. Seemingly Minecraft is the game to build Roman temples and scale models of the Enterprise. But why not build a mecha? I mean the only thing that is stopping you is the limit of your own imagination. Personally I love anything mecha (anything Japanese as a matter of fact).

As you can see in the attached photo, I think I did fairly well. Building a mecha in Minecraft isn't that hard at all if you follow some of the simple tips I'd like to share with you.

Now there are many, many, many various types of mech: Gundam's, Eva's, Knightmare Frames, Godessess', Escalfowne Armours [...] You get the point. So first be sure You know what You want to build, this is very important. I have built a Gundam before, the Wing Gundam from the Gundam Wing series as you can see below, so I think I know what I'm talking about :)


Now for a more formal list of tips/advice:

  1. Be exactly sure what type of mecha you want to build, visualize it in your head, use reference images. You do not want to create something out of nothing, that will get you nowhere.
  2. Think of the colour scheme, materials needed. Do you want it colourful? Uni-colour? As you see in my design, I went for three colours, Cyan and Dark Blue because of Steve's clothes as well as white/grey due to the fact it is a giant robot.
  3. Start of with the legs. More precisely, build the foot. This will definitely give you an idea of the scale of the whole thing. But be aware that anything below ten blocks in length, will give you problems later on when building the torso and arms.
  4. Build your way up from there. Don't just nerd-pole up and think that is a great leg. Build every component of your mechs structure, one at a time. The fooot, the shins, the thigh, the pelvis so on, so on.
  5. It is very useful to use MCWorldEdit. That way you can build one side of the mech, then just copy paste the other half without having to build the whole thing by hand. That can lead to many mistakes and wasted time.
  6. NOW STOP! Ask yourself, what am I doing? If you have reference pictures look to see if you are following the original design, or if you have moved on in a different direction. If you are building something original think if this is what you had in mind, perhaps you thought of something new.
  7. Work your way around the torso, this is usually quite easy to do. Perhaps add a cockpit with buttons and levers in it? People like to enter those.
  8. Leave the head till the end and start working on the arms. Will they be hanging, holding a weapon? Bent and shooting a beam cannon? Think before you build the arm. My Mecha-Steve has two giant plasma cannons replacing his arms with glowstone instead to create the effect of powering up. Be creative.
  9. Add all necessary details if any, wings, rockets, thrusters. Pay attention to detail on the lowest level as well. Not just the big things. It's a good idea to replace joints with a different colour block. People like detail, it makes your work look better.
  10. Finally add the head. Depending on the design this will be fairly simple or hard. Remember we can't always have what we want. But do your best and it will pay-off.
  11. Now stand back and look at it for a moment. Maybe even come back to it a day later and objectively look at it. Does it meet your standards? Will people like it? However the most important thing is if you like it :)

Now these were some tips that I always follow when I build my mechs. Now I spoke about my mech, Mecha-Steve but here is just another example, the Heavyarms Gundam I built recently.


If you enjoyed or found this article helpful, then drop a diamond, maybe favourite or even subscribe if You want more from me.

Have a great day!

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08/02/2013 9:43 am
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Nice tips and Epic Mechs =D
08/02/2013 10:52 am
Level 46 : Master Blockhead
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Cheers :)
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