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Chairs Plugin : Review

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This is my first plugin/mod review, so I understand it may seem a bit like -profanity-. So just bear with me eh?

Back Story:

So I was looking for some new plugins on my server, plugins that would enhance the gameplay and be fun for everyone. I found the Chairs plugin. Now don't get me wrong, I had found this plugin a while ago, I mean what self-respecting server owner hasn't seen a chairs plugin at some point? However at the time it didn't work. So I decided to go ahead and give it a try once more. On my first attempt it continued to crash the server, so I found an updated version and tried again...

Main Concept:

Overall this is a great plugin. It creates a nice new concept to the game. The plugin allows players to right click a stair, and literally sit in it. This is great for "Restaurants", or "Hotels", or "Meetings", etc. Within the first 10 minutes, the plugin was a great hit. Everyone continued to utilize it in their builds. This plugin is great, it allows players to truly extend their creativity, into functionality.

The Plugin:

What the plugin does; from what I can tell; is the player is positioned by a floating item. The item is configurable, and is default as a lever because...well Levers are small right? So when you right click a stair, you are teleported to the top of the stair, floating in a sitting position, on the lever. Right click the stair again, and you are teleported off of it, with the lever vanishing. You can set the maximum length of a bench (ie: 3 stair blocks wide), you can make it so signs need to be on the ends, etc.


I recommend this plugin for almost any server, it is great, and fun. The post linked below is not updated upon itself, it is in the comments of that post that you can find the updated and maintained version of the plugin.


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