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Plugin/Mod Review: Solar Apocolypse

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avatar llamasaur
Level 18 : Journeyman Engineer
What's sup guys! It has been a while since I have posted anything so I figured why not post a plugin/mod review? I am planning on posting one every week based on viewer suggestion.
What is the Solar Apocalypse?
The plugin, Solar Apocalypse, is a outstanding plugin with a great objective. The story behind the game is that the Earth has gravitated closer to the sun (oh crap) and the world as we know it, well, is basically being destroyed. Slowing over a course of time, the world expirencing severe climate change. At day, all plants are slowly dying and burning up, water is evaporating, fireballs are thrown out of the sky, and even if you make contact with the outdoors (without armor) you will burn up. However, at night, it starts snowing like crazy, the tempurature decreases insanly, water freezes, and you freeze to death if you aren't by a heat source. So basically the world slowly turns into Mercury. The first couple of days are normal, but slowly show the effects of the apocalypse.
What is the goal of the game?
The goal of the game is to survive underground. The first couple of days, I suggest making your home underground, starting underground farms, and basically collect resources like crazy. 
What are some rules of this plugin?
Well, for starters here are some universal rules:
1. Colored glass is eventally the only way you can see outside.
2. You will eventally need armor to go outside.

3.  Make sure you have a heat source at night.
Ummm yah, thats all the rules everyone has to follow, but here are some rules I added in my server:
1. No PvP till day 7.
2. Greifing isn't allowed till day 8.
3. Teams are allowed.
4. Last one to survive wins.
5. Once you die, you can go into specator mode.
I also have pre-made kits that feature tools, colored-glass and some food. So rules differ from server to server. 
How do I play the game without destroying my server?
I suggest using the Multiverse plugin. you create a world with a name (Ex: Solar) and then do /apocadmin [worldName] Start. To end the game, do /apocadmin [worldname] Stop. Simple right? I suggest once you are finished with the game, you delete the world.
Anything else? (Conclusion)
So as you can see, Solar Apocalypse is a great plugin, that many people don't know about. I highly suggest playing it sometime soon. If you have any questions, concerns, or want to know anything else, just comment below!
-Solar Apocalypse
-Some YouTube Videos
Feel free to comment any corrections (I'm terrible at grammer xD), concerns, and suggestions for next weeks review! Wanna play? When I open my server, it will feature the Solar Apocalypse!

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