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Coffee (Just a real life story)

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Coffee (Just a real life story)

At this moment, I was walking on the streets. I should have a nice drink, I thought. It's such a shame to forget my water bottle in a hot day.

I stopped at a coffee shop. The beautiful aroma of coffee beans refreshed my mind. As I walked halfway towards the counter, my feet stopped. Should I buy a nice cup of coffee?

We are deciding the fate of coffee plants. Due to the Greenhouse Effect, our global temperature is increasing rapidly. We are the culprit of this effect.

Since the start of the Industrial Revolution, we are having a more comfort life. At the same time, we are harming the Earth. Why would we dare to harm the environment to have a comfortable life?

The coffee plants are not designed to withstand high temperatures. They are eventually decreasing the production of coffee beans. Should we really drink more coffee?

Just then, I found myself instinctively walking past the coffee shop.
CreditDon't drink too much coffee when you're not an adult. That's MY bad habit

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05/21/2022 9:58 pm
Level 20 : Expert Explorer
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Interesting point. I think drinking coffee on a daily basis is normalized in many cultures, when honestly it shouldn't be.

You can develop caffeine dependence so it's always best to have everything in moderation.
05/22/2022 8:16 am
Level 36 : Artisan Loremaster
Xx_Alone_1244 - Offical_xX
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Thanks :D
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