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Minecraft SCP Containment Breach: Episode 1 - When we just arrived

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Level 5 : Apprentice Team
"Oh, so you really want some candies?" Xx_Alone_1244 - Offical_xX asked, sitting in front of the computer reading the documents of [​REDACTED].

  SCP-999 (1) purred.

  "Well," he said, "I'll be fast, I'm meeting some newcomers later. Hope there's no breaches occurring right now." And he ran out of his office, closing the door behind him.

  KaiOceansword and LucisFerrer stepped inside the gate. "Are you sure its going to be a great time there, friend?" Kai asked Lucis. "Yes, I hope, yes." "The guy said we have to go to Alone's office in the Entrance Zone at 10." Lucis continued.

  They walked down the corridor. They walked past the cafeteria when their stomachs screamed in agony. "Let's have our breakfast down there, shall we Kai?" Lucis suggested. They went down the cafeteria and sat down.

  When they finished their breakfast and just as about to leave, they noticed a coffee machine.

  "This isn't a normal coffee machine, bro?" Kai asked.

  "I've never seen a coffee machine with a keyboard on it." "Yea."

  They didn't noticed the alarm went off.

  "Alright! Team, we have to rescue all scientists in the breach! Team up in threes and we'll do the job! We, the Nine Tailed Fox (2), must save all of them!"

  "Yes! LittleDino2022!" The team members shouted.

  "Hello! Is Alone here?" BLACKSHMAD knocked at the door of Alone's office, "No reply. Hope he'd back in a few minutes"

  "Black, what should we do? SCP-079 (3) is controling the blast doors and they are not opening." OptimalFlash asked, afarid.

  Black replied," We will need to rely on the S-Nav 310 (4). We may find our way out."

  "But Alone - "

  " Of course we'll try and find him"


(1): scp-wiki.wikidot.com/scp-999

(2): https://scp-wiki.wikidot.com/task-forces#epsilon-11 (Sorry for not giving you the Official Site Page because my PC doesn't let me enter the webpage)

(3): https://scpcb.fandom.com/wiki/

(4): scpcb.fandom.com/wiki/S-Nav#S-Nav_310

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04/07/2022 12:16 am
Level 17 : Journeyman Engineer
Le-memes avatar
Can I be in something like this? It's really cool!
04/07/2022 1:46 am
Level 36 : Artisan Loremaster
Xx_Alone_1244 - Offical_xX
Xx_Alone_1244 - Offical_xX avatar
04/04/2022 5:08 am
Level 43 : Master Dolphin
KaiOceansword avatar
Yay! First time I'm not team leader and I'm very happy! (Not joking, it very stress to be a leader of 8 teams you know)
04/04/2022 3:47 am
Level 29 : Expert Pokemon
LittleDino2022 avatar
Good job :D. What’s the next episode, I’m sooo excited!
04/04/2022 5:34 am
Level 36 : Artisan Loremaster
Xx_Alone_1244 - Offical_xX
Xx_Alone_1244 - Offical_xX avatar
You'll know what happened to you, and me. I dissappeared through mysterious reasons - yea, thats true. You'll know
04/04/2022 1:58 am
Level 34 : Artisan Creeper
OptimalFlash avatar
Hmm nice
04/04/2022 2:04 am
Level 36 : Artisan Loremaster
Xx_Alone_1244 - Offical_xX
Xx_Alone_1244 - Offical_xX avatar
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