Colors. Chapter 2

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Level 18 : Journeyman Dragonborn
Neptune search for all of those 10 years, all the time, a power who created the current elements gifted 9 other humans with minor elements. Weaker in power, but still stronger than most. Fire, Water, Earth, Ocean, Land, Sky, Burn, Poison, Light, Ice, Dark, and Dimension. 12 elements that cover the land for greatest fight of all soon to come. Mean while, a boy named Tom finds the 6th element, the element of sky. The element is small, and weak, and it's new, not old. "What's this? It looks like the fire, earth, and water elements." Tom said. He grabbed the small element and went on a small journey to find out what it is. He when into the cave of ancestors. Nothing. He went to the lake Arrico. Nothing. He went to the festival of fire. Nothing. "Ugh, what are you? You're not fire, water, or earth! So what are you?!" Suddenly, a gust of wind knocked Tom out of his chair. "Ugh!" The element started glowing as the gust blows. "Ugh- huh? Glowing? Are you wind?" The gust subsided. "No, uh, cloud?" The clouds started to disappear. "Oh! I know! Sky!" The sky itself rumbled, and the element glowed brighter than ever. " You're sky! Sky! The element of sky!" Tom yelled in excitement. In a point of blindness, the element was fused to the soul of Tom and it was only to be worn by him. When the light subsided, many people looked at the 12 year old boy named Tom. The first wielder of the element of sky. When Tom awoke 2 days later, he was found tied up. "Huh? What? Why am I tied up? What happened?" Tom yelled. "Quiet demon!" Tom recognized that voice. "I can't believe that you became a demon! You, of all people! The sky will fall because of you!" It's John, Tom's brother. "John! Please! I'm not a demon! I don't feel like one, yes, I feel very powerful but not in a bad way! I feel like I'm meant to use this power to..... Save someone very important." Tom said with question. "Lies! You, demon, can't save anyone! Now quiet before I cut your head!" John said with sadness in his voice. Tom stayed quiet for the rest of the day, and when night fell, Tom used his new power to break the binds on him and run into the forest. Tom looked back for the last time. "I promise, when I do good things, I'll come back home." Tom said and then he ran into the woods. He followed his instincts and went South. Down to the locations of 3 other elements,and to find Neptune. "Tom" a voice said. "Tom, you have the power of sky, you can use your power to fly....." The voice said. Tom believed the voice and jumped, suddenly, gusts of air took him high up. "Wow!" He said with joy. The gust helped him to the 1st location he needed to go to. A burning village with element Burn crying next it......
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