Colors. Chapter 6

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Level 19 : Journeyman Dragonborn
"The Elements are powerful wepons, created for the gods. There are 3 primal Elements, and the people who use them are the most powerful creatures on The High Arks, the home of gods and demons. The 3 primal Elements created the other 12 mini Elements, are those are able to be used by anyone who is chosen by the Element. But soon the 3rd primal Element disappeared, and the 2nd ones master was corrupted by the thirst of power. The stronger Element used the other 12 mini Elements to banish the master of the 2nd Element, and now to this day the one who defeated the corrupted Element now uses both of the last primal Elements to make sure that the master of the 2nd Element never gets it back." Clay said. The story was as old as time, and the Elements were made dormant after the 2nd Element was taken, so why are they becoming active now? Tom thought. "Why are the Elements active now?" Einde said. "Could the primal Element be calling us?" Ember questioned. "I don't know, I'm just happy to see other Elements." Clay said. When Tom looked over to Ember, he just saw her state out if the window with worried eyes. "Ember? What's wro-" A loud cry was heard alongside many sounds of birds and animals. "The animals! Something big is outside!" Clay yelled. As soon as the cried ended Ember got up "Tom! I recognize that sound! I heard it when the Dimension clan attacked!" Ember yelled. "I-I know that sound. That's..... WE NEED YO RUN!" Einde shouted at the others. They looked over the small hill by clays house and saw it. Thousand of soldiers were standing on the top of the giant hill behind it ready to fight. In front of them all were three people. Einde had a look of pure fear as she looked at the person in the middle. Ember looked at the massive army and Clay prayed that the animals won't get hurt. "Surrender now! And we won't fight!" A woman's voice said. "I am Demana, The Demon Assassin!" Demana shouted. They four could see the army leaders weapons. A huge axe on a small boy, a flaming sword on Demana, and a glowing band on the middle man's wrist. "Who are you all?!" Clay shouted. "No! Run, run from the man" Einde screamed with fear. "RUUUN!" Einde screamed. Demana pointed her sword forward. "One last time, get on your knees and we will spare you." Demana said. Einde got on her knees, all the while screaming and crying to the others to follow Demana's demands. "T-that's him! That man is Furno!" Einde cried. "F-Furno? T-that's him?" Ember said. "3..." Demana counted. "Please! Listen to me! Run from him!" Einde screamed. "2..." Einde cried on the ground. "1..." Suddenly the army charged forward, stomping everything in their way. "NOOOOO! My home!" Clay said. Suddenly the 3 were engaged in battle, while Einde sat on the ground cowering in fear. The battle is brutal, and the 3 were seriously injured. Einde got up dispute the fear for her friends and used her power to get to all 3, and used her power to get them to safety, but it knocked her unconscious...
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