Colors. Chapter 5

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After a few days of walking to the Misia village Einde finally woke up. "'Bout time you woke up" Tom said putting Einde on the ground. "H-how long has it been? I barely remember anything.... and I barely remember you two. What happend?" Einde said. "Well, you tried to kill me, and Tom won't say what I did when I ran into that tree when you chased me. I was your 'prey' when we were back at my home village." Ember said while looking at tom. "Ember said something that made you come out of that killer mode. We both carried you in hopes that we could get to the Misia village before you woke up." Tom said while looking back at Ember. The three sat under a great and old Oak tree. Just over the hill to the east is the Misia village, a place of peace and trade. "I chased you? The last thing I remember is bowing to..." "Bowing?" Ember said. "Yeah, I was bowing to a man in a white cloak. After I stood up, I was told to find a.... stone.... A stone for the queen." Einde said. "The queen? Do you remember anything else?" Tom said. "Y-yeah, yeah, there was this man, he was powerful, VERY powerful. He killed so many when I was told to followed him. When ever I saw him, He would look blankly at me. It seemed like that man was a heartless human. Or something worse. I didn't like it when he looked at me so I stayed away from him. When ever he walked to me or looked at me right after killing someone, immense fear came over me. I felt like I should've ran for my life. He was so scary." Einde said. "Hm, do you remember what he looked like?" Tom said. Ember and Tom huddled around Einde. "He had black things all over him, with red eyes that seemed like he had great pain within him. His main color was the color red. And get this, he had a element too!" Einde said. "What?!" Tom and Ember shouted. "Hey not so loud." Einde said. Suddenly Tom got up and started to run to the village. "C'mon! If that is him, then we need to get to the village before it's too late!" Tom yelled. The others got up and ran after Tom. In under 3 hours they got to the village. They were very tired. When they looked at the people buying and selling food, and light caught Eindes' eye. "A... element?" Einde said panting. "Wha-" Tom said. A man with his right arm behind his back in a robe came to the three. "Uh, where did you three come from? You all looked like you ran for hours." The man said. "We came-" Tom tried to say. "Come, I'll take you home with me." The man said while walking into the forest surrounding the village. The three, too tired to think strait, followed the man, while Einde saw that the man put his right arm in front of him, as if he was hiding it. Soon when the three stopped behind the man, a great house stood before them, cover in plants and animals. "Welcome! Finally other people with that thing on their arms!" The man said brightly. He showed his arm to reveal that he was a element too. "I am Element 5, The forever land! My name is Clay. Pleased to meet you fellow Elements!" Clay said with joy. "Well, didn't expect to meet another element!" Tom said. "I'm Tom, Element 6." "I am Einde, Element 12." "And I am Ember, Element 7!" The three said. "Wow! Element 6, the Endless Sky, Element 7, The Fiercest Flame With The Softest Touch, and Element 12, Many Worlds All In One!" Clay said while spinning. "What now? the Endless Sky. The Fiercest Flame With The Softest Touch. and Many Worlds All In One? What are these names?" Tom said. "You don't know? Well, the names are what your Element stands for, so the 12th element means they can go and use items from many worlds, and 6th one means they can travel the endless sky!" Clay said. "Come! Let me explain the story of the Elements!" Clay said while pushing Tom into his house. As the four sat down, Clay began a long a ancient story of the Elements' story....
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