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Colors of the Rainbow

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Giancarlovan avatar Giancarlovan
Level 39 : Artisan Loremaster
Red for briar rose
Hearty flushed in wealth of health
Untempered by foes

Orange for oriole
Zooming forests swift and true
Keen to fill its soul

Yellow for sunshine
Warm and bright as a hot spring
Bathing all in glow

Green for gladden leaves
Bough and branch flaunt feathered fans
Dancing to the breeze

Blue for azure streams
Rushing with living gusto
Crystalline as dream

Indigo for ‘sters
Austere, yet later luster
Delights to critters

Violet for dusk
As yearning days close with smiles
And in yawn raise tusk

Comprised of seven haikus, one for each color of the rainbow in the traditional sense (rather than the scientific infinite spectrum, because that would take, quite literally, forever to compose for), this poem juxtaposes the nature of a forest environment with the inner nature of one's thoughts.

I wrote this in an afternoon of recently ended rainfall, which revealed rainbows peering through the leaves and trees of the rolling fields I see from my window.


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