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Crazy Minecraft: How To Win The Survival Games

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This is the first blog in my series of tutorials about advanced stuff in Minecraft, called Crazy Minecraft. Please leave suggestions for other tutorials if you have any!

The Survival Games is a popular mini-game in Minecraft, ever since the movie "The Hunger Games", based off the book, was made. Since people don't like reading, I'm guessing that no one thought about a Hunger Games PVP map for Minecraft until the movie came out, even though the book was extremely popular. Even the most popular Survival Games map on Planet Minecraft says that the game is based off the movie. But anyways, most people are extreme noobs at it and die in the first minute, unless there is a grace period lasting longer than that. I don't usually win either, but most of the time I'm one of the last people left. I'm here to tell you some tricks and tips to help you win the Survival Games. You may wonder "Why not PVP in general?" Well, that's because a) you don't have to kill everyone to win in the Survival Games and b) The Survival Games has some features that normal PVP doesn't. So, as much as you don't want to, read the following to learn what to do in the SURVIVAL GAMES.

Back Story

This is completely optional to read, but if you never read the book, saw the movie, or DID see the movie but still didno t understand why 24 teens had to fight to the death, then you might want to read on to understand.

So, the story takes place in Panem, which weo ll just say is a country. Panem is located in the o ruins of North Americao , as it says on the back of the book. It doesno t really say what happened to North America, but ito s just in ruins. Inside Panem there are twelve districts, each that specialize in a certain thing to help keep the people alive (one district specializes in agriculture, one in coal, etc.), and the Capitol, which is where anyone special in the government and all the rich people live. One day, the districts and the Capitol broke out in war; since the people living in the districts thought they were being treated unfairly (they were). Before the war, there was a thirteenth district that specialized in nuclear technology. This district got wiped out during the war. (Or so they thoughto ¦ hehehehe) All in all, the districts lost. As punishment, the Capitol forced each remaining district to hold a o reapingo once a year where all teens ages 12-18 living in the district would have their name put in a bowl at least once (you could put it in more than once in return for food) and one boy and one girlo s name would be picked out. The names that got picked out would participate in a fight to the death. The last one standing wins. Since there were twelve districts and 2 people got chosen from each one, that makes twenty-four o tributeso fighting to the death, which is why most Survival Games maps make it so at most 24 people can join. You may also see the phrase o May the odds be ever in your favor.o associated with these maps. This is because Effie, a woman from the Capitol that pulls the names out of the bowl, says this to the tributes going into the Hunger Games. o The Hunger Gameso starts on the day of the reaping for the 74th Hunger Games. The story is in the perspective of a girl living in District 12, the poorest district. Her name is Katnisso ¦ and the story goes from there.

Entering The Arena

So, leto s start talking about how to win the Survival Games. Youo ve found a server the does Survival Games or you and your friends downloaded a map and are playing on that. If youo re on the server, you click on the sign of the map you want to play (unless youo re playing the __-mchg.com ones) and because of plugins youo re teleported into the arena. Most of the time, you will have to wait awhile until the game starts (the only exception to this is when you join a game that only has a few seconds left until it starts). This time can be used to get some key strategies down:


Ask some people to team up with you. ADVANTAGES: Less people that will kill you; sometime they will share their things they find in chests. DISADVANTAGES: If your team consists of the final people left, you have to kill them to win; sometimes if people say o Sureo or o Oko if you ask them to team up with you, theyo ll kill you the first chance they get. (You shouldno t worry about that, though. The only people I know to do that are my brother and his friend)

2. Figure out where the o Cornucopiao is. This is where all the main chests are, and where the middle of the map is. All of the spots were the players stand should be placed around it.

3. Figure out if you should go to the Cornucopia. ADVANTAGES: First pick of items; can contain some really useful stuff. DISADVANTAGES: You might not find a chest with useful items in it; most people go to the chests so going to the Cornucopia gives you a higher chance to die if thereo s no grace period. If youo re playing the __-mchg.com arenas, they dono t have a Cornucopia. You dono t need one since youo re allowed to destroy blocks. If you choose not to go to the Cornucopia, you will die unless you can find some secret chests. Most arenas have these, but you have to walk around a lot to find them.

Now enough people have joined and maybe voted. You see in the chat the countdown. o Game starting in 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1o ¦ GO!o

The First Minutes

You have to sprint now. Whether youo re going to the Cornucopia or in the opposite direction, you have to sprint. If youo re going to the Cornucopia, you have to be one of the first people there to get some good things. The most crucial of these things is a sword. If youo re lucky, youo ll get an iron sword, but you should be fine with a wood swordo ¦ and sometimes a gold sword. You will also want food and some armor. Lucky for you, most chests have some food in it and leather/gold armor (if youo re playing a __-mchg.com map, you will have to earn these things like youo re playing survival). If you choose not to go the Cornucopia, you want to sprint to get away from everyone and find secret chests before everyone else does. You also want to get away from all the mayhem going on in the center. If you dono t get away from the center before the grace period ends (or if there is no grace period: as soon as you got some items from the chests), you will be one of the first to die unless youo re amazing at PVP. (Io m finding that the __-mchg.com arenas dono t fit this blog at all) This may seem like a noobish move, but I dono t fight until I have to. I run away, find all the chests I can, and just let everyone else die until I have to go and kill someone. In the first few minutes, there will be some people who cano t find anything. If you want, you can take the opportunity to kill these people as long as you have some things that will help. After that, my tip is to get away as far as you can from others.

Encountering Other People

There still will be some people with the same idea as you, or someone following the lightning strikes (the lightning strikes show where other people are), or you just find someone else while walking around, so you have to be ready to kill these people. A lot of the time, if you follow the o running awayo tip, you wono t encounter anyone unless you want to. Most will either have died in the first couple of minutes or are hiding out around spawn/some other structure the builders made. But if you find someone else running around the map, ito s best to kill them. One less person in the game. DONo T do this if you can tell that the person has better things than you or you dono t have anything at all. Only attack the person if you feel thereo s a chance to beat him/her. Otherwise, keep going around the map and finding other chests until you can get something to help you out. Or wait until night comes. The chests at spawn are restocked at night, and as long as youo re the first person there, you can get everything in them. But what if you do have a chance to beat this person? Well, make sure youo re food bar is at 85% (8 ½ food bars) or higher. You can regain health at this interval. If ito s not, eat some food (If you have no food left, well, sucks for you. You might not want to attack then). Sneak attacks are one of the best options to try and kill the person. This way, you can probably get half their health down before they can even take a swing at you. If thereo s no possible way to make a sneak attack and the person is coming right for you, try hitting at him/her as soon as you can. Meaning, keep trying to hit him until ito s possible to, so by the time theyo re pretty close they have some of their health down already. Now, ito s just chance if you win the fighto ¦


Well, that's pretty much all I can tell you. A lot of it's just chance, and it all depends how good you are at PVP. Maybe you're not good, which means you can get maybe to the final 4 before you're going to die. Lag is also a problem. I know my computer lags up whenever I'm in a fight and it's not good when it does. My mouse glitches up and I'm in the opposite direction of the person, knowing because that happened, I'm definitely going to lose. You also can't let your guard down. Someone can pull a sneak attack on YOU, and you will probably lose then. So, don't ever think you're safe. There's people who also hold down sneak/shift. This hides your name tag and people don't know you're there. This works best underground, but you can hide behind a tree, make sure no one can see you, press shift, and voila, no one notices your there. Someone can walk right past you and you can sneak up behind them and attack. You can be checking your inventory and someone will come and attack you... it's all by chance if you win. So hope this helped just a little! Oh, and if you can prove someone was hacking while playing the Survival Games, report it to one of the mods or admins. If your proof is pretty good, they'll probably kick/ban this person.


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11/17/2012 6:28 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Explorer
legoCPdude75's Avatar
Pretty much how I do the games:

1: download and explore for easy iron searching
2: enter the games
3: ???
4: easy iron
5: win like a bau5.
10/22/2012 7:00 pm
Level 42 : Master Necromancer
candle_'s Avatar
...Just noticed the enderdragons in the symbols. Well done.
10/22/2012 7:15 pm
Level 28 : Expert Unicorn
crazeygrl's Avatar
Found those on Google images. XD
10/22/2012 7:00 pm
Level 42 : Master Necromancer
candle_'s Avatar
This works with MineZ too. :D
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