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Custom Trades in Villagers.

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Minecraft Custom Villagers are hard to make, and there are many tutorials out there that are very, very confusing. Well, today, I bring you the simplest Custom Villager tutorial out there! I will be showing you how to create basic trades, and abnormal Spawn Eggs, such as the Wither, Enderdragon, Iron Golem, ect.

To spawn a Minecraft Villager in a CommandBlock, you need to first type in the Command Block:

/summon Villager ~ ~1 ~ The "~" are relative coordinates, it will spawn it ontop of the command block, to hide the command block change the 1 to a 2, and put a block over it, it will then spawn on the block above the command block

/summon Villager ~ ~2 ~ {Profession:0} the profession can be changed, however, the Profession is the look of the Villager. Profession doesn't matter, however, if you're trying to make a custom map, and need a certain look, you can look it up online.

/summon Villager ~ ~2 ~ {Profession:0,Career:2,CareerLevel:100000} When the career level is set higher than the Career, it will no longer generate new trades, which is good, however, if the Career is higher, then it will generate new trades, This is caused because the Career needs to catch up to the Career Level, in order to generate new trades, so, set the CareerLevel high, so it won't generate new trades in it's life time.

/summon Villager ~ ~2 ~ {Profession:0,Career:2,CareerLevel:100000,Offers:{Recipes:[{rewardExp:0b,maxUses:999999,uses:0,this is the step directly before adding in the trades. You need to set uses, max uses, and EXP rewards, I have it set at 0, so they won't gain EXP for trading with the villager, however this can be easily changed. 

/summon Villager ~ ~2 ~ {Profession:0,Career:2,CareerLevel:100000,Offers:{Recipes:[{rewardExp:0b,maxUses:999999,uses:0,
 All you need to do to add trades, is the following:
buy:{id:ITEM,Count:1,Damage:0},sell:{id:ITEM,Count:1,Damage:0} at first the "Damage" might be confusing but it is the specified ID, for example, if you were to add a Spruce Log wood trade with a Villager, it would be sell,{id:log,Count:1,Damage:2} the damage tells the command block what block it is, for example, coarse dirt is dirt:1 (Dirt:Damage:1) and Podzol is Dirt:2 (Damage:2)

/summon Villager ~ ~2 ~ {Profession:0,Career:2,CareerLevel:100000,Offers:{Recipes:[{rewardExp:0b,maxUses:999999,uses:0,buy:{id:dirt,Count:64,Damage:1},sell{id:diamond:Count:1,Damage:0 this trade will trade 64 dirt for 1 diamond, to test this, copy and paste it into a command block and activate the command block. It will summon a Villager that will trade 64 dirt for 1 

/summon Villager ~ ~2 ~ {Profession:0,Career:2,CareerLevel:100000,Offers:{Recipes:[{rewardExp:0b,maxUses:999999,uses:0,buy:{id:dirt,Count:64,Damage:1},buyB,{id:grass,Count:64,Damage:0},sell:{id:diamond_block,Count:2,Damage:0} this command will summon a villager that will trade 64 coarse dirt and 64 grass for 2 diamond blocks. the "buyB" indicates the second slot in the Villagers input slot. This is useful for expensive items. 

If you are trying to layer villager trades, and don't want to spec all day, use this website:  http://mcstacker.bimbimma.com/

To trade custom spawn eggs!

To get abnormal spawn eggs: buy,{id:ITEM,Count:#,Damage#}sell,{id:spawn_egg,Count:1,Damage:99} This will trade an item for an Iron Golem spawn egg. This egg cannot be placed, however it can be used to change a spawner.
To get other abnormal spawn eggs, change the Damage, and see what you get! 

I hope this helped, It really would've helped me the first time I was making a map, but now, since I learned how to use them by myself, I am trying to help those who need it, the way I needed it. If this helped, leave a diamond, and to see Villagers like these in action, try my map (The Chunk): http://www.planetminecraft.com/project/the-chunk-3539881/


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