Defense and Attack

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  This is a sequel to The Pillager Outpost. If you haven’t already, be sure to read that first in order to understand this.

  Another assembly was taking place in the adventurers’ guild hall. The seats in the main room were filled with warriors, waiting attentively for what would come next. In addition to the guild’s own members, some scouts from the army of Rylar were present. Arhalas stood up and began to speak.

  “I’ve called you all to this meeting because of the pillager raids that have been happening lately. The army’s scouts have discovered something that they believe will be of great importance to us.” He motioned to one of the scouts. “Go ahead and make your report.”

  The scout walked to the front of the room and proceeded to explain the scouts’ findings. “We’ve noticed that enemies are gathering in Nalthior Forest.” He motioned to a map of Rylar located on the wall behind him, indicating the area east of Sylnos. “Although we aren’t certain, we think they’re meeting at a central location somewhere around here. The only conclusion that we can see is that a raid is being planned on the village of Esforoth, as that’s certainly the nearest settlement. Our own outpost in that area won’t be enough to protect Esforoth, as many of its soldiers are away fighting pillagers in other areas. I believe your adventurers’ guild is the village’s best hope.”

  “We’re willing to do our duty,” Arhalas answered. “How soon do you think this raid will happen?”

  “Very soon,” the scout replied. “Maybe even tomorrow. I would advise that you go there as soon as you can.”

  Arhalas turned toward the adventurers. “It’s still morning. We can reach Esforoth by nightfall, it’s only about half a day’s journey from here. Prepare everything that will be needed.”

  The adventurers went to the storage rooms. Everything was organized to allow efficient preparation for times like these, when speed was essential. Each warrior would have a trident, a bow, arrows, and potions during a battle. In addition, they needed food for the journey. All the members of the guild were soon ready, and they set off on the quest.

  The journey to Esforoth passed uneventfully, and the adventurers arrived toward the end of the day. Looking around, they saw forest all around them, but the village itself was in a clearing. They went to the village’s guard tower and spoke with the few guards still there. They explained their quest, and the soldiers agreed to help them, as well as letting the guild stay in the empty barrack rooms for as long as was needed.

  The next morning, the warriors rose early and began their lookout, alert for any signs of the enemies’ approach. They had not waited long when they heard a horn blowing, a signal used by the raiders to announce the time to begin the attack. Soon they saw the enemies arriving. The sun shone on axes and crossbows, and as the enemies came out from the forest, the adventurers saw that the fighting would be serious.

  The guild members readied their bows. Arrows began to fly in both directions, but the raiders were approaching quickly, and it was not long before hand-to-hand combat began. The tridents of the adventurers, the axes of the enemies, and the few swords of the village guards flashed in the morning light. Arhalas came face to face with two vindicators, but with his renowned fighting skill, he quickly defeated them. Next he saw a group of enemies surrounding a few of the guild members, so he went over to help them. He killed one, then heard a noise behind him. He turned and saw a ravager charging toward him. He quickly dodged out of the way and started attacking it with his trident. It turned to face him, so he dodged again. Some of his companions fired arrows at it, being careful not to hit Arhalas as he continued using his trident. Soon the beast fell, defeated. Arhalas turned back to where the group of pillagers had been, but the adventurers, with the help of the village soldiers, had already succeeded there. The warriors searched for the remaining enemies and soon defeated them.

  The inhabitants of Esforoth thanked the adventurers and rewarded them for protecting the village. The guild members were glad that they had been able to come and help. But they knew that this was not yet the end. There were still many more enemies in the realm. They had achieved a victory, though, and they were confident that Rylar would triumph eventually.
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