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Diary of Herobrine

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avatar LAUAR
Level 21 : Expert Toast
Once, villager of Minecraftia named Steve is found a Diary in forest, near a tree with no leaves and a 3x3 hole and something like unfinished portal to The Nether. The Diary was writen strange, not similar to any other diary in Minecraftia. Steve was opened the Diary and started to read.

Night 1: I am back to Overworld from my underground grave, with my eyes all white. I have come for revenge, burning down all the leaves of Minewood forest. It is already night when I come back, but I do not wand to be seen, so I will not sleep.

Night 2: I have burned all the leaves in Minewood forest, but I didnt find tree that I am searching for. I have found a pickaxe in my grave, and I picked it from my house made from a hole. I started mining, and I will be in mine half of my undead life.

Next part coming soon!

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  • Rdonovan
  • Level 32
  • Artisan Skinner
  • June 23, 2012, 2:13 pm
you put "wand" instead of "want"
this is alright, i mean it's not fantastic, but it's pretty cool. You should come check out my story of herobrine sometime. People at my school are calling it "The Lost Diary of Herobrine" I think it's a pretty cool name. So just come look at5 it sometime plz, and thx!

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