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Eevee evolutions

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. Pokemon lovers thank you so much for reading this and people who want to love pokemon thank you to if you don't know what Pokemon is my best advice is to look it up again thanks for reading!

So Eevee is this cute little Pokemon that can evolve in to many different types of Pokemon like...

FLAREON:flareon is a fire type Pokemon and is probably my 5th favorite leave a comment if she or he is your favorite Eevee evolution.a great name for flareon is pixie the reason I think this is because when you think of pixie,well at least I do,you think of fire so that's why I think pixie is a great name.you can evolve Eevee in to flareon with a fire stone.

VAPOREON:vaporeon is a water type Pokemon and is my 4th favorite tell me if she's is your number one favorite.a great name for vaporeon is Rainer which is also the name on Pokemon go to evolve your Eevee in to vaporeon.you can evolve Eevee in to vaporeon by using a water stone.

JOLTEON:jolteon is a electric Pokemon and is my......3rd favorite I hardly know there is nine Eevee evolutions including Eevee it's so hard to decide any way.a good name for jolteon and this is right of the bat is jolt I know it's not so good but whatever.the way you can evolve Eevee into jolteon is with an electric stone.

LEAFEON:leafeon is a grass type Pokemon and is not in my top five favorites.i hardly know any names for leafeon so let's just go with leaf (lol).the way you evolve Eevee in to leafeon is with a grass stone.

GLACEON:glaceon I think is an ice Pokemon and is not in my top five favorites.i don't know any good names but I would name mine glace.you can evolve Eevee in to glaceon with a ice stone.

ESPEON:espeon is a psychic Pokemon she is tied in third with jolteon.a good name for espeon in my opinion is espe.im not sure how you evolve espeon but it's not with a stone I think.

SYLVEON:sylveon(I sometimes spell it wrong so please tell me if I did)is a fairy type and is my 2nd favorite.a good name for sylveon also in my opinion and hopefully yours is sylve.to evolve Eevee in to sylveon is this hole thing that does not have a stone involved it's something with the bond with their trainer or something like that which is so cute.

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST UMBREON:umbreon is my number one favorite Eevee evolution.umbreon is a dark type.i have no names for her I like the name the way it is.now I don't know how to evolve Eevee in to umbreon but it has nothing to do with a stone I think.

Well thank you so much for reading this and I hope you now love Pokemon or love Pokemon even more if you wish you were in Pokemon there is this mod called pixel mon for minecraft I love and hopefully you will to.
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